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The boys and girls did an insect Write the Room.  They had to find the picture of the bug, match it on their sheet and write the insect name.
We learned about insects today.  Insects have 3 body parts, 2 antenna and 6 legs.   Spiders are NOT insects.   
Happy 5th Birthday to Morgan.  Mr and Mrs Ubert came in to our classroom this morning and read us Morgan’s favorite book The Rainbow Fish.  Thank you for coming to our classroom.
The boys and girls did a letter Write the Room.  The boys and girls looked around the room for 15 lower case letter cards. They had to match the lower case letter on the wall to the upper case letter on their page.
After the boys and girls had colored the coffee filter with blue and green marker, we sprayed it with water and watched the colors spread.  Once that happened the filter looked like the planet Earth.
This afternoon the boys and girls learned about the planet Earth.  We watched a short video about the Earth, what makes night and day, how long it takes the Earth to go around the sun and how much of Earth is covered in water.
they used markers and coffee filters to make their own Earth.
It was such a beautiful day!  A perfect day to let our 5 butterflies go!   We had to help someone them out the butterfly net.  It was fun to watch them fly free.  The boys and girls then enjoyed some nice playtime outside.
The boys and colored colored the cover page for their letter books.  Hard to believe that after next week they will have completed the whole alphabet!
Music with Mr Showstead.  He got everyone up and moving and the. We practiced following the beats using sticks while listening to different songs.
Letter Yy Day.  We practiced making the letter Y with our bodies and tracing it in the air and writing it in the air.   The boys and girls shared their Y items:   Yellow, yoga mat, Yactzee, Yoda and Yeti!