St. Joseph Catholic School

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St. Joseph Catholic School is defined by the strength of community that exists between students, teachers and parents who work together for the well-being of the children.  We provide a welcoming, nurturing environment that serves as the backdrop for a holistic approach to education.  Learning takes place in a disciplined environment that promotes individual expression, collaboration, inquiry and personal responsibility. 

The core curriculum includes religious education, mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, and physical education. In addition to a curriculum which aligns with rigorous academic standards, students have the opportunity to explore the arts through music and art classes as well as the study of Spanish.  The well-rounded, inquiry based approach to education calls students to active learning that focuses on questioning, evaluation, discovery, and creation and moral decision making. Learners are challenged to think critically and creatively

The student-centered learning experience, enriched through integrated technology in the form of a one to one program in grades 6 through 8 and the use of iPad stations in each classroom from Pre K through 5, blends a variety of instructional strategies that respond to individual learning needs and foster the learner’s ability to shape the world through his or her vision.

Using the approach of inquiry based learning, students often work in teams, allowing learners at different developmental stages to experiment, observe, research and collaborate in problem solving. This process allows for the incorporation of multiple disciplines in the same project, and the reinforcement of the fact that “real world” problem solving involves the application of cross curricular skills.

Because no two children are alike and children learn in different ways, the use of differentiated instruction maximizes learning for all students by promoting the use of varied strategies in the classroom. Curriculum is adjusted to meet the needs of many learners to maximize learning in the following ways: varying strategies that allow students the opportunity to be equally engaged and appropriately challenged; appropriate adjustments in response to student needs  while focusing on the same concepts for all students; grouping and regrouping students based on subject matter, ongoing teacher evaluation and student performance - groups may be based on ability, learning styles, personality types, and random mixing to mirror a 21st century workplace environment.

Overall, the academic program is geared to instill principles of hard work, self discipline, academic excellence and personal growth while providing the necessary help to meet individual learning needs.

Rigorous Curriculum

  • Curriculum aligned with Common Core Standards
  • Grade Level Book Clubs
  • Advanced Math Grouping
  • Math Team
  • Inquiry Based Approach to Learning
  • High School Prep Spanish Program

Integrated Technology

  • Wireless Network throughout the School
  • One to One Computing Program in Grades 3 to 8
  • iPad Stations with 10 devices in Each K through 2 Classroom
  • Online Options for Presentations, Assessments and Research
  • Use of E-support that Aligns with Texts in Math, Social Studies and Spanish
  • Computer Projector in All Classrooms
  • STEAM Lab for Grades K-8

Development of the Arts

  • Band Program
  • Music Program
  • Art Program
  • Choir, Drama and Art Clubs

Learning Resources

  • Two full time Resource Teachers, Speech Pathologist, Part time Dist. 70 Specialist for Speech and Hearing
  • School Counselors
  • Full time School Nurse
  • 5 Classroom Aides
  • Peer Helpers as Student Mentors

Proven Academic Excellence

  • Blue Ribbon Award, 2017, 2009
  • ACT Aspire test scores exceed the national average in every subject