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It was game day for our last centers.  We did a Color by Letter page and played Connect Four, Candyland and built with blocks as a team. Playing games with your child has many incredible benefits: improves problem-solving skills, enhances memory, improves attention and concentration and improves social skills (taking turns and patience).
Thank you Mrs. Kiefer, our very last center helper for our preschool year!  The children loved Listen and Do with you!
We had our end of year gathering with our 4th Grade Prayer Buddies this morning!  The weather did not cooperate so we colored together in our classroom.
Roll it, Write it, Tally it, Show it!  This afternoon the children learned to represent numbers four different ways.  First they worked on their own and then with a classmate to show different ways to show numbers 2 - 10. Kiss your brain!
It was rhyme time in preschool!  We sounded out and sorted CVC words into the proper word families!  So fun and we did it all together!
We had a fun fine motor activity using marbles and dollar store plastic tub mats.  The children had to pick up the slippery sphere shaped marbles using tweezers and place them in the divots of the mats.  Very tricky!
We had a visitor today.  Mrs. Stevenson from Sunform came to visit us.  She is one of the developers of this engaging system that helps children learn their letters, sounds and correct handwriting formation.  The children LOVED it!
AE was all about airplanes today!  We read Take Off! All About Airplanes, an airplane book that is filled with not just informational text, but also vibrant visuals, an interesting timeline, and intriguing facts! We learned about the Wright Brothers, the history of aviation, how air travel has changed the way people work and live, and the important parts that make the plane fly. The children built airplanes and tested how far the will fly.  We made the traditional paper airplane and the jet style.  Jet style was the fastest and the favorite!