Peek At Our Week January 21 – January 25, 2019

Religion Objectives:  

Unit 3: God made the Earth - God Made Weather. The children will know that God made weather and thank God for weather.  The children will understand that weather is both good and necessary. 

Seeds – We all follow Jesus.  The children will understand that we become members of God’s family through Baptism.  The children will recognize what the water, candle, oil and white garment signify in Baptism. 

Science Objectives:   

Sensory play to grow our children’s brains and stimulate their neural pathways with fluffy, squishy slime! 

Literacy Objectives: 

Continuation of Unit 4 – Week 1 – Welcome to the Farm – What is a farm?  Learn new concept words: animal, barn, farmer, food, land, and plant.  Learn amazing words: turkey, wagon, pen, wool, gate, and yard. Counting syllables in words.  Correct letter formation practice.  Identifying the lowercase letter to its matching uppercase letter.  Figuring out the sounds in a word. 

Math Objectives: 

Symmetry - what is it and what how does it look in snowflakes?  Sorting objects.  Roll and color pictures. Counting 1 – 20.  January puzzle 1 – 10. Positional words. The concept of more.  Complete a number line.  Counting winter pictures. 

Social Studies: 

Scholastic: Clifford’s My Big World: Home in the Cold. Science Focus: animal habitats.  Vocabulary Theme Words: arctic, polar bears, habitat, seawater, seals, den, cubs, fox, hare, and ptarmigan.  Math: counting/ graphing. 

Afternoon Enrichment: 

Monday: No School – Martin Luther King Day.  

Tuesday: IXL Math and Bob Books app.

Wednesday: Afternoon Gym with Mrs. Beyer’s class. The children will listen to the story Art and Culture: Big Ben Shapes by Sharon Callen. Big Ben is a fascinating monument in London. It has many shapes! We will look for all the shapes on Big Ben. We also will focus on the clock learning what the hands represent. 

Thursday: We will read The Snowy Nap by Jan Brett.  We will discuss the setting, characters and sequence of events.  We will sort words from the story by how many syllables are in them. We will also “Write the Room” with words from the story to practice look and copy skills. 

Friday:  STEAM - Fortress building challenge has the students designing and creating a fortress made up of a set of classroom materials. They will be measuring the length and height pre and post "snowball" attack to see how well designed their fortress is.

Music class with Mr. Showstead.