Peek At Our Week October 21 - 23, 2019

Religion:  Unit 2 Week 4 - God Made Water Part 2:  The children have experiences with water, which will prepare them for the liturgy.  They will appreciate the gift of water.  We will also carve our class pumpkin while saying the Pumpkin Carving Prayer.
Seeds:  Jesus says to keep asking.  The children will recognize that it is best to have an "I'll try" attitude and be persistent.  The children will understand that God loves them and will answer their prayers.  The children will express their petitions to God and learn a five finger prayer.
Social Studies:  Friendships inside and outside our classroom community.  Teaching tolerance, kindness, acceptance.  "Strictly No Elephants" book by, Lisa Mantchev.  The Children will make a "Friendship Soup".  Team Building Activities with Mrs. Beyer's Class: Building skills in communication, cooperation, listening, and self-esteem as preschoolers work and play in different groups.
OWL Social Studies:  identify similarities and differences in characteristics of families, identify similarities and differences between self and people from other cultures.
Science: The children will compare and contrast the differences and similarities between apples and pumpkins.  They will use their sense of smell, touch and sight.  The children will use scientific tools to further explore the insides of both the apple and the pumpkin.
Language/Literacy Concepts of Print:  Phonological awareness:  segment sentences, delete word from a compound word, segment words, rhyming.  Alphabet Knowledge:  concept of a letter, letter naming.  Shared book reading:  responding appropriately during book discussion.  Oral Language:  demonstrate meaning of words.  Letter review:  Aa -Ff.
Math:  Numbers and Operations:  use a model for subtracting 1-5/adding up to 5 objects, know objects can be counted, count with one count per item, demonstrate that the last count is how many, sequencing numbers 1-10.  writing numbers 1 - 5.  Data Analysis:  sort objects and describe similarities and differences between groups.
Afternoon Enrichment:
Monday:  "Our World and Beyond":  We will learn about the state of Texas.  The children will learn why is it called the Lone Star State as well as some other interesting facts.  We will also try to learn a "Cowboy Line Dance"
Tuesday:  Music with Mr. Showstead.  We will continue to review shapes.  We will go on a shape hunt in the room.  The children will practice drawing their shapes and will make a "Shape Pizza".
Wednesday:  Gym with Mrs. Beyer's Class.  We will read "ABC Big Bang Roar" by Nate Evans and Stephanie Gwyn Brown.  We will continue to work on rhyming words and our ABC review.