Peek At Our Week October 19-October 23, 2020


Religion:  Unit 2:  God Made Holy Things:  God Made Music: The children will know that song and music can praise God.  They will enjoy singing and playing instruments.  The children will be proud of their musical abilities.


Language/Literacy:  Phonological Awareness:  segment sentences, delete word from a compound word, segment words, rhyming.  Alphabet Knowledge:  concept of a letter, letter naming.  Shared book reading:  responding appropriately during book discussion.  Oral Language:  demonstrate meaning of words.  Letter review:  Aa-Ee.


Math:  Numbers and Operations:  use a model for subtracting 1-5/adding up to 5 objects, know objects can be counted, count with one count per item, demonstrate that the last count is how many, similarities and differences between groups.


Social Studies:  Scholastic:  My BIG World Clifford:  How Do Pumpkins Grow?  Science:  Plant life cycle.  Theme Vocabulary words:  sprout, seed, flower, pumpkin, scarecrow.  Language:  predictable text.  Math:  Shapes.


Afternoon Enrichment


Monday: “Our World and Beyond”:  We will travel south to the state of Texas.  The children will learn why this state is called the Lone Star State.  The children will listen and follow directions and learn a Texas Line Dance.


Tuesday:  Letter Review.  The children will practice their letter recognition skills with a group game called “I Have, Who Has”?  We will read ABC Roar By:  Nate Evans and Stephanie Gwyn Brown.  The children will use their listening skills to identify rhyming words in the story.  We will make a list  of all rhyming words we identify.


Wednesday:  Shapes:  The children will explore different 2D and 3D shapes.  We will sort shapes and discuss the different attributes.  Using toothpicks and marshmallows the children will create their own 2D and 3D shapes.