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Peek At Our Week November 28 - December 2, 2022

                      Peek At Our Week November 28 - December 2, 2022

Religion:  Advent- The children will be excited  about preparing for the birth of Baby Jesus.  They will know that at Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  The children will desire to prepare for Jesus' birthday and think of several kind acts they might perform as a gift for Jesus.  

Language/Literacy:  Unit 3 - Week 1 - All Around Our Community - What is in our community?  Concept words:  hospital, house, library, post office, park, and street.  Amazing words:  bridge, entrance, traffic, fountain, statue, and gift.  Break it with onsets and rime, letter naming, delete syllables, and take away word parts, recognizing authors and illustrators.  The children will answer questions about a book and respond appropriately.  Relate your experiences to books.  Identify common features in a community. Focus letter of the week:Jj.  Home/School Connection:  Bring a Jj item from home.

Math:   Know objects can be counted, sort objects and describe similarities  and differences between groups, adding up to 5, subtracting 5 and counting with one-to-one correspondence.  Counting and tracing, identifying patterns.

.Science:  Jingle Bell Science.  The children will predict how far away from the jingle bell the magnetic want needs to be before it attracts or pulls the bell.  Students will predict how many jingle bells they think will fit on their magnetic wands.

Afternoon Enrichment

Monday:   “Our World and Beyond”:  We will learn about the United States of America.  The children will locate the states we learned about.  We will explore the flag of the United States and what the stars and stripes represent.  

Tuesday:  We will continue exploration of the letter Jj.  We will practice making the letter J and go on a letter K hunt around the classroom.  The boys and girls will play an upper and lowercase letter matching game.

Wednesday: We will focus on the number 10.  How many different ways can we represent this number?  We will practice one to one correspondence counting forwards and backwards to 10.

Thursday:We will read "Gingerbread Baby" and "Gingerbread Friends" by Jan Brett.  The children will sequence the stories and we will discuss the similarities and differences.  We will make Gingerbread playdough.

Friday:  STEM:  Dancing Jingle Bell Experiment.  The children will predict what happens when jingle bells and dried cranberries are put in a glass of soda.  They will observe that the bubbles in the soda push the cranberries and the jingle bells up to the top.  When the bubbles pop , the bells and berries fall down.  

We will also do a Christmas Sink or Float.  The children will predict whether a Christmas object will sink or float.  They will observe and identify that this depends on the objects density.  If the object is less dense that the water it will float.  Density is how tightly packed the material is in the object.

Mr Gillespie made everyone cute turkeys for a fun dessert!  Turkeys made from Oreos, candy corn and m&m’s.   So yummy!
A special treat for Evelyn’s Birthday.  We watched a video of Rapunzel reading us a story.   It was so great we watched it twice!
This ,owning we went to Mass with our 4th grade Prayer Buddies.  Olivia, Evelyn and Noah brought the Gifts up to the altar with their Buddies.  When we came back to the room we talked about what we are thankful for.  The boys and girls the. Made a pattern pasta necklace to wear during our Feast.
Evelyn, Caroline and Arthur did a great job with Morning Announcements.  They lead the whole school in prayer.
This afternoon we learned about the biggest state, Alaska!   We watched a short video which showed the beauty of Alaska with all the forest, wildlife and glaciers.   We also learned about Northern lights.  The boys and girls used watercolors and salt and made their own beautiful Northern  Light pictures.
The boys and girls did a letter review Write the Room.   They had to,find the Turkey lower case letters around the room and match them to the upper case letters on their sheet and write the lower case letter next to it.
Olivia, Chiara and Noah did a great job leading the school in morning prayer.  We were so proud of them!  Tomorrow a few more of our friends will lead morning prayer.

Peek At Our Week November 21 - November 25, 2022

                        Peek At Our Week November 21 - November 25, 2022

                             **NO SCHOOL: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23

                                               THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 24

                                                 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25

                                                **THANKSGIVING BREAK**

Religion:  Special Lesson:  Thanksgiving  The children will express an understanding that everything we have is a gift from God the Father. The children will thank God for the good food we eat. The children will say "thank you" for gifts and services and express thanks to God for being good to us every day.

**We will be attending Mass with our Prayer Buddies on Tuesday November 22nd

Language/Literacy:.  Segmenting  sentences, concepts of letters, letter naming, make it/break it with compound words, uppercase and lowercase letters, uppercase and lowercase letters in our names.  Concepts of print with Thanksgiving stories.  Five Little Turkey Poem.

Math:   Know objects can be counted, sort objects and describe similarities  and differences between groups, adding up to 5, subtracting 5 and counting with one-to-one correspondence.  Counting and tracing, identifying patterns.

Social Studies:  Scholastic:  My BIG World: Clifford.  “I Am Thankful”:  Social and Emotional Learning Focus:  gratitude.  Theme Vocabulary:  thankful.  Skills We’re Practicing:  group discussion, critical thinking, vocabulary, relationship skills, counting/number recognition.

Afternoon Enrichment:

Monday:  Our World and Beyond:  The children will travel far north to the state of Alaska.  The children will learn about this enormous state and the wonders that it has. We will watch a video about the Northern Lights and what causes them.

Tuesday:  We will review numbers 1-9.  We will practice representing the numbers in a variety of ways.   We will play a game focusing on preposition words.  We will also play a fall bingo number game.

Wednesday:  ** NO SCHOOL**


Friday:  **NO SCHOOL**

The boys and girls worked so hard on their designs.  Some of them were very elaborate.   If I was  a Turkey, I would  not want to be caught in these traps!