Peek Of The Week September 25 - September 29, 2023

               Peek At Our Week September 25 - September 29, 2023

Religion:  Unit 1:  God Made the World:  God Made My Church Family.  The children will be introduced to their Church Family.  They will know that they belong to the Church and know that this is God’s family.  They will learn about the special roles of priests and Mary and hear about the Saints.

Language/Literacy: Heggerty Phonics Awareness week 5:  Lesson Overview: Weeks 1-6;  Students will gain an understanding of rhyme by hearing and repeating rhyming words.  Students will isolate the initial sound in spoken words with focused consonant sounds.  Students will learn to blend two works into a compound word.  Students will isolate the final sound they hear in a spoken word with focused consonant sounds.  Students will learn to segment a compound word into two individual words.Alphabet Knowledge:  differentiate uppercase and lowercase letters, recognize and name letters, sequencing letters in our name.   Concepts of Print:  Oral Language:  respond appropriately, expand word knowledge, use language in discussion, use complete sentences of four or more words, label and categorize words, understand meaning of words.  Writing:  write to convey meaning.   Focused letter study:  Cc.  Home/school connection:  Bring a Cc item from home that begins with Cc.

Math:  Numbers and Operations:  Use verbal ordinal terms.  Use words to rote count from 1 to 30.  Data Analysis:  sort objects and describe how the groups are similar and different.  Making spatial/ geometric connections by forming shapes.  Focus shape: Circle.

Science:   The children will examine a variety of different rocks.  They will examine the texture, color and size of the rocks and similarities and differences each has. Using magnifying glasses, scales and other scientific tools the children will explore and learn more about the different types of rocks. 

Afternoon Enrichment:

Monday“Our World and Beyond”:  We will continue our tour of some of the states and visit Michigan.  This state is the birthplace of Henry Ford.  The children will learn about how the first cars were assembled.  We will explore the process of an assembly line.  

Tuesday:  We will continue our exploration of the alphabet with the letter of the week C.  The children will practice writing the upper and lowercase letterC.  

Wednesday:  We will explore number 3.  The children will practice writing  the number with tally marks and the symbol.  The children will identify how to represent three  with a variety of objects.

Thursday:  “Bushel of Books”:  We will read Ten Apples Up on Top By:  Dr. Suess. Concepts of Print:  cover of the book, title, author, beginning of book.The children will predict how many bean bags we can stack on top of the teacher’s head.  Using their fine motor and counting skills, the children will create their own 10 apple stack.

Friday:  STEAM;   We will read Mouse Shapes  By:  Ellen Stoll Walsh.  The children will create their own mouse using a variety of shapes.   The children will explore and make  a variety of shapes using sticks, straws and pipecleaners.