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This afternoon the boys and girls listed things we would find in the city and country.  What is the same and what is different.  We heard the story The Little
House by Virgina Burton.  The boys and girls also designed their own houses.
The boys and girls made beautiful spring trees with pink paint and Q tips.  We will hang these in our hallway for the next few weeks.
The boys and girls took turn leading the class in our Spring Poem.  They each did a nice job pointing out the words as the class said the poem.
Spring Write the Room.  The boys and girls had to look for the cards, find the correspondending number on their sheet and write the Spring word.  They all did a great job!
Morning Media with Mrs Hoglund.  Mrs Hoglund read us a book, the boys and girls checked out books and we watched a video of a book.
The boys and girls colored a bear and cut it into 6 pieces.  They had to glue the puzzle pieces in correct order to make a complete Bear on their paper.
Sorting and graphing gummy bears.  The boys and girls each had their own bag of gummies which they sorted by color, and then graphed.  Great job!
Our class Bear Scruffy brought the boys and girls Teddy Grahms,and gummies for a snack AND chocolate milk with whipped cream!   Yummy!  Thanks Scruffy!
The boys and girls filled out their  Teddy Bear sheet.  They had to measure their Bear/animal with cubes, circle if it was hard or soft, had long hair or short and if it weighed more than a rock.  
Bear estimating.  How many bears were in the jar?  The boys and girls each guessed.  The ones with the correct number or closest to the correct number got a gummy bear!
Teddy Bear Day!  The boys and girls made cute teddy bear hats to wear this morning.   We loved all the different stuffed bears and animals everyone brought!