Peek At Our Week February 19 - February 23,2024

                   Peek At Our Week February 19 - February 23, 2024


Religion:  Unit 4:  God Made Living Things:God Made Trees:  The children will express an understanding that God the Father made trees.  The children will describe the many uses of trees and express an appreciation of trees.  **We will be attending Mass Tuesday with our 4th Grade Prayer Buddies**

Language/Literacy:  Lesson Overview weeks 19-27:  Week 22:  Students will recognize and produce words that rhyme.  Students will hear words that begin with the same sound and generate words that begin with a specific sound.  Students will learn to blend two phonemes into a spoken word.  Students will continue to practice phoneme isolation with final and medial (Vowel) phonemes in spoken words.  Students will learn to segment a spoken word into two phonemes.  Students will manipulate the initial phoneme in a spoken word with adding and deleting activities.  A new skill will be introduced:  Students will learn to substitute the initial phoneme in a spoken word.  We will review letters A-P.  Name it/Say it with Upper and lower case letters, same and different sounds.  Break it/make it with segmenting onset and rime.

Math:  Verbally identify numbers.  Recognize without counting numbers 1-5.  Writing numbers 1-10.  Comparing more or fewer in a set, telling how many in a set.  Rote counting to 20.  Location words, addition and take away stories.  Number order.

Science:  We will use our observation and predicting skills to determine what happens when hard boiled eggs are placed in water, vinegar, and coke.  The hard shell of the egg protects the soft part inside like the enamel on our teeth.  The children will learn that sugar and acid are harmful to our teeth and can dissolve the enamel.  The children will each try to brush coke stains off of a hard boiled egg.  

Afternoon Enrichment:


Tuesday:   The children will practice their rhyming words through song and fingerplays.  The children will also work on rhyming.  Which words rhyme?  Sorting rhyming words by word families. 

Wednesday:  Number Review 0-16.  Using one to one correspondence the children will count 16 items.  Sorting 16 items by size, color and shape.  Review 2D and 3 D shapes.

Thursday:  "Bushel of Books":  We will read The Wonkey Donkey by Craig Smith.  The children will also watch the music video that goes along with the book.  The children will make a list of as many words as they can that describe  someone.  

Friday:  STEM.  We will read the Humpty Dumpty poem together.  We will also read After the Fall by:  Dan Santat.  This is a cute book about what happens after Humpty Dumpty gets back up from his fall.  The children will then all be given an egg.  They will each have to figure out the best way to wrap/cushion their egg so it can be dropped from a wall without breaking.