St. Joseph Catholic School

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Long Range Strategic Plan

During the last few years, our school community has seen much growth: in the programs offered, in the resources used, in service outreach from our students, and in enrollment. As our community continues to grow, and as we reflect on our 90 years of spiritual formation and academic excellence, we are committed to delivering exceptional spiritual and academic programs while focusing on the development of the whole child.

In order to maintain the mindset of continuous improvement while planning for our future, a stakeholder survey was launched in 2016. From the survey feedback, and after analyzing achievement data and AdvancED Accreditation feedback, focus groups met over two evenings to discuss six focus areas of our school: Catholic Identity, Curriculum and Academics, Facilities and Grounds, Finance and Fundraising, Marketing and Enrollment, and Technology. We brought in over 65 people, all who had professional skill sets and interest in the focus area in which they served.

As a result of our community working together, St. Joseph Catholic School developed a Long Range Strategic Plan which will guide the direction we take within our school during the next five years. Driven by the vision of students, staff, parents, parishioners, graduates and community members, our Long Range Strategic Plan has resulted in a common sense of direction, priorities for change, and a blueprint for action which will be monitored, reviewed and revised as necessary. Our plan also helps us recognize traditions and values that we are committed to maintaining.

Our plan is set before us.  When we look at how we will use Knight Fund dollars and generous, independent donations, we will look to this plan.  As St. Joseph Catholic School enters our 91st year, we look forward to working with you as we, together, continue educating students in mind, body and spirit.