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Living Rosary

Living Rosary

October is the month of the Holy Rosary, and St. Joseph Catholic School has two special traditions for celebrating the devotion of the Rosary.

Our fifth graders lead an all-school prayer service known as the Living Rosary.  The fifth graders form a circle around the church sanctuary, with each student leading the prayer associated with his or her position in the Rosary.  Students conclude the devotion with a hymn to Our Blessed Mother.

A second tradition is the Rosary Balloon Launch, which is held in the park across from the school.  Each student in the school writes a prayer on a piece of paper, which is placed inside a helium balloon.  The balloons are joined together to form a Rosary.  The students form a large circle in the park, and pray the entire Rosary together.  At the conclusion, the students let go of the Rosary and watch it float into the sky with their prayers.