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The Language Arts Curriculum integrates reading, writing, listening, speaking and spelling skills. Reading instruction includes phonics in early years, reading and comprehending both fiction and non- fiction. The writing parallels reading and is an integral part of the language arts. Literacy is also integrated into other content areas such as science and social studies.

Curriculum Resources:
       OWL: Opening the World of Learning, Pearson (Preschool)
       SuperKids,Zaner-Bloser: Reading, Vocabulary, Phonics,Conventions, Writing and Spelling,     
       RazKids, 2nd and 3rd trimesters (Kindergarten)
SuperKids,Zaner-Bloser: Reading, Vocabulary, Phonics, Conventions, Writing and Spelling, Handwriting (1st Grade)
RazKids (1st Grade)
SuperKids,Zaner-Bloser: Reading, Vocabulary, Phonics, Conventions Writing and Spelling, Handwriting(2nd Grade)
SuperKids Handwriting,(K-4th Grade)
Savvas Realize; My View Literacy: Reading, English, Phonics, Spelling and Writing(3rd Grade)
Savvas Realize: Reading, English, Phonics, Spelling and Writing, Raz Kids (4th Grade) 
Savvas Realize, Vocabulary, Conventions, Writing and Spelling,
 (5th Grade)Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots, Prestwick House (6th to 8th Grade)
HMH into Literature-Grammar Components (6th to 8th Grade)
Gretchen Courtney's Writing Program (6th to 8th)

Elements of Literature, Holt Reihart (7th Grade)
Variety of novels

The Mathematics Curriculum emphasizes application, problem solving and a conceptual understanding of math and basic mathematical computation. Critical thinking and construction of math understanding are integral parts of the total program. Children are given the opportunity to learn utilizing a hands-on approach that incorporates written materials, online measurements, calculators and math manipulatives. The curriculum is set so that all 8th grade students complete an Algebra course by the end of 8th grade.

Curriculum Resources:
       OWL: Open the World of Learning, Pearson (Preschool)
My Math; McGraw-Hill (K to 5)
Glencoe Math, Course 1, McGraw-Hill (6th Grade)
Glencoe Math, Course 2, McGraw-Hill (7th Grade)
Glencoe Math, Course 3, McGraw-Hill (8th Grade) or Algebra 1, McGraw-Hill (8th Grade)
Math IXL, online program (K-6)
Math XL, online program (6th-8th Grade) 

The Science Curriculum introduces children to the scientific method as they learn to gather data, analyze results and reach conclusions. There are three major strands in science: physical science, life science and earth science, which are supported by a strong emphasis on hands on learning and working in small groups. Some lessons allow children to learn outdoors and others include science experiments.

Curriculum Resources:
       Let's Find Out Weekly, Kindergarten
      Science Spin periodicals, Kindergarten
      Mystery Science, First Grade
      Mystery Science, Second Grade
      Interactive Science, Savvas(Grades 3-8)
      OWL: Opening the World of Learning, Pearson (Preschool)

The Social Studies Curriculum is designed to create a better understanding of our world and the people who helped shape it. This is accomplished by focusing on five distinct strands – government, economics, history, geography, and culture. Children are introduced to both United States geography and world geography. In addition, children learn history at many levels, including state history, our country’s history, and world history.

Curriculum Resources:
       OWL: Open the World of Learning, Pearson (Preschool)
       My Big World Series, Scholastic, Preschool
My World Interactive, Savvas (K to 5th )
Online enrichment to support text
My World History, Pearson, hard copy textbook, online component with etext, and Pearson My Student Journal Workbook(6th)
American History, Pearson, online component with etext on (6th-8th Grade)