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Dinosaur week!   The boys and girls were Paleontologists and they had to crack open dinosaur eggs.
We had a Fire Drill in the morning.  The boys and girls did a great job.  Following the Fire Drill we went up to Media with Mrs Hoglund for a shortened Media visit.
Scruffy will spend the next week with Olivia.  We can’t wait to hear about their adventures together.
Penny shared her adventures with Scruffy the Bear.  They were very busy.  Scruffy went shopping, went to the grocery store and garden shop and of course spent some time reading!   What a fun visit with the Beltran’s !
This afternoon was number day.  The boys and girls played with play dough.  They had a number sheet, they traced the letters and then using play dough rolled balls to correspond to each number.  When they were done they used the play dough to make long ropes and big round shapes.   
The boys and girls made their own Stegosaurus’.  They had to cut and pattern the heart spikes on the back of their dinos.  Great job!
Digging for dinosaur bones.  The girls and boys took turn being Junior Paleontologists.  They carefully had to sift through dirt and sand (oatmeal) looking for letter Dino bones.  When they found them they matched the upper and lower case letters together.
Lauren shared her ME Bag with the class today.  She has a giant stuffed animal octopus, she loves bananas, loves playing with Minnie Mouse and her Poppy Troll.  Thanks for sharing Lauren!
Letter D review Day!  We started out the afternoon it’s DOT Paint.  We named a friend in the class and the children had to find the letter on their sheet and dot paint it.  We didn’t get to all the letters so will continue next week!
We started learning about dinosaurs today.   We learned that Dinosaurs are extinct, they hatched from eggs and their footprints have 3 toes.  How many of our footprints can fit in a dinosaurs footprint?  Everyone made a guess and then we tried to see how many we could fit in.  We ended up getting 19 footprints I. The Dino’s print.  The only ones that did not fit were Mrs Gillespie’s and Mrs Feely’s!
The boys and girls did a quick Dinosaur Write the Room.  The boys and girls played a sorting game first.  They sorted upper and lower case letters.  Lowercase letter cards were placed around the room and the boys and girls had to find them and circle the lower case letter on the sheet.
Zenon shared the ME bag with the class today.  Zenon brought in a cool lego structure his dad built, a cute book about Zenon and his sister Maja, swim googles and a picture of Zenon riding a Tractor with his dad.   Thanks for sharing Zenon!