Peek At Our Week September 11- September 15, 2023

                Peek At Our Week September 11 - September 15, 2023

                      **Curriculum Night Thursday, September 14th**

                  **Rosary Launch/Spirit Run Friday September 15, 2023**

Religion:    Unit 1 - God Made People :  God Made My Family.  We will discuss our own families and describe ways family members show love for and help one another.  We will know that there are many different kinds and sizes of families.  We will learn about the Holy Family and hear ways Jesus showed his love for His family.**We will be meeting with our 4th Grade Prayer Buddies for the first time this week**

Language/Literacy:  Heggerty Phonics Week 3:  Lesson Overview: Weeks 1-6;  Students will gain an understanding of rhyme by hearing and repeating rhyming words.  Students will isolate the initial sound in spoken words with focused consonant sounds.  Students will learn to blend two works into a compound word.  Students will isolate the final sound they hear in a spoken word with focused consonant sounds.  Students will learn to segment a compound word into two individual words. Alphabet KNowledge:  identify  uppercase letters.  Listening Comprehension:  expand word knowledge.  Oral Language:  understand the meanings of words.  Concept of Print:  Engage in pre reading and reading-related behaviors.  Comprehension:  respond appropriately, answer questions about a book, draw conclusions. Focus letter of the week: Bb.  Home/school connection:  Bring a “B” item from home.

****The children will meet Scruffy the Bear.  He is a friendly and lovable bear that wants to spend time with the boys and girls in the class.  Beginning this week each child will spend one  week with Scruffy the Bear.  They will be provided with paper so they can journal their time with Scruffy.  Journal entries may include pictures, drawings, and descriptions of what he did during his week.

Math:  Count up to 10 items, demonstrate that when counting, items can be in any order.  Focus Color of the week:  Blue

Science: Gummy Bear Science:  “How do gummy bears react in different liquids?”  Making predictions, observations, and conclusions.  Using language to express results.  OWL:  good habits of personal hygiene and health.

Afternoon Enrichment:  

Monday:  “Our World and Beyond”:  We will learn about the State of Illinois.  The children will identify Illinois on a map of the United States.  We will learn about the cardinal which is the state bird of Illinois.  When we are outside the children will use their observation skills to look for cardinals.  We will also watch a video on the state dance of Illinois:  The Square Dance. 

Tuesday:  We will continue exploring the alphabet through a variety of alphabet books.  The children will concentrate on the letter Bb.  The children will identify words that begin with this letter and concentrate on making the sound.  The children will practice their cutting skills as well as fine motor skills to complete the letter B page of their journal.

Wednesday:  We will learn about the number 2.  The children will practice writing the number, explore different ways we can represent this number (tally mark, symbol and the written word).

Thursday:  “A Bushel of Books”:  We will read Giraffes Can’t Dance By:  Giles Andreae.  This is a  favorite book of mine about a giraffe who is sad because he can’t dance YET.  The children will identify the things they can and cannot do YET and predict when they might be able to do them.  We will also learn some interesting facts about giraffes and the children will make their own Gerald Giraffe.

Friday:  STEAM:  Using Paper Towels and liquid watercolors, the children will create their own works of art.  They will discover that the fibers in the paper towel absorb the water and as that happens, the colors will spread and mix. We will read the book LIttle Blue and Little Yellow by:  Leo Lionni and see how 2 dots of color mixed and made their own color families.