Peek At Our Week January 16 - January 20, 2023

Peek At Our Week January 16 - January 20, 2023


Religion:  God Made Air:  The children will explain what air does for us and express  appreciation for God the Father's gift of air.  The children will express an understanding that air is necessary for life, just like God.   

*We will be attending Mass on Tuesday with our 4th Grade Prayer Buddies**

Language/Literacy:  We will work on upper and lower case letters and beginning sounds.  Phonological awareness:  produce words that begin with the same sounds.  Rhyming words.  Use of prepositional words. The children continue to work on recognizing and writing their last names.

 Math:  Number and operations:  use concrete models to make 5.  Adding one more to solve a problem.  Making directional patterns.  Cardinality - last number counted in total.  Solid shapes vs. flat shapes.  Review:  naming flat shapes.  Focus Shape:  OVAL

Science:  Hibernating.  The children will further explore why animals hibernate.  They will learn what animals do before they hibernate and how they can sleep all winter, stay warm and not get hungry.  The children will act out word meanings:  hibernate, forage. We will also talk about animals that migrate and stay in their habitat.   

Social Studies:  Scholastic:  MY BIG World Clifford:  “Hey There Sleepy Bear”!  Science focus:  hibernation.  Theme Vocabulary:  hibernate, den, refreshing.  Skills We’re Practicing:  group discussion, critical discussion, vocabulary, singing, fine-motor skills, shape identification.

Afternoon Enrichment:

Monday:  NO SCHOOL

Tuesday:  Letter Review A-N.   The children will continue to work on their upper and lower case letter recognition, letter sounds  as well as rhyming skills.

Wednesday:  The children will review 2D and 3D shapes.  We will continue to work on patterning and sequencing. 

Thursday:We will read Sneezy the Snowman  By:  Maureen Wright.  This is a cute story about a snowman who is always cold and causes himself to melt. The children will sequence and retell the story.  Concepts of Print.  

 Friday:  The children will make a snowflake using materials found in the classroom.  The snowflake will need to be symmetrical.  The children will also make Snow Dough...a soft, warm alternative to real snow.