Peek At Our Week May 20 - May 24, 2024

                          Peek At Our Week May 20 - May 24, 2024

Religion:   Special Lesson:  Fathers’ Day:  The children will express an understanding that God the Father gave them Fathers.  The children will show appreciation for what their fathers do for them.  The children will show love for their fathers. **We will be attending Mass with our 4th Grade Prayer Buddies on Tuesday**

Literacy:  Heggerty Lesson Overview Weeks 28-35 :  Week 34.  Students will produce words that rhyme.  Students will isolate the initial sound in spoken words.  Students will learn to blend three phonemes into a spoken word.  Students will continue to practice phoneme isolation with final and medial(vowel) phonemes in spoken words.  Students will learn to segment a spoken word into three phonemes.  Students will manipulate the initial phoneme in a spoken work with adding, deleting, and substituting.Use complete sentences in a discussion.  Shared reading and story comprehension.  What’s my word: Respond appropriately to a text.  Answer questions about a story.  Letter hop through the alphabet.  Letter of the week:  Zz.  

Math:  Sharing fairly, sharing fairly without leftovers, sharing fairly with leftovers and making 10 with our hands and feet.  Identifying the numbers in our phone number.  2D shape sorting.  Concepts of biggest and smallest.  Making a new shape from pattern blocks Sequencing making a birthday cake.  Focus Shape:  Triangle

Science:  We will review living and non living things.  What makes something living??  We will also learn about the life cycle of a frog.  A frog goes through a metamorphosis as it grows.  What other animals go?

Social Studies: Scholastic:  My BIG World Clifford:  “You’re So Big Now!”! :  Social Studies focus:  growing up.  Theme Vocabulary:  big kid.  Skills We’re Practicing:  group discussion, critical thinking, vocabulary, self-awareness, handwriting/letter/recognition.

Afternoon Enrichment:

Monday:  Our World and Beyond:  The children will learn about the Sun.  The sun is a star that the other planets revolve around. The Sun is at the center of the solar System.  How hot is the sun?  What does the sun do?  (controls our seasons, helps food grow, keeps the other planets in line)

Tuesday:  ABC Review.  Letter Hunt and put letters in order.  Identify sounds/words for each letter.

Wednesday:   Patterning, 2D and 3D shape review.  Counting to 20.  

Thursday:  Bushel of Books:We will read: Swimmy by:  Leo Lionni.  Concepts of Print, sequencing.  The boys and girls will use markers and water to make a cute fish craft.

Friday:  We will be taking a walking Field Trip to Cook Memorial Library with Mrs. Beyer’s class.  Following a storytime at the library, we will have a snack and play at the library before walking back to school.