Peek At Our Week April 8 - April 12, 2024

                           Peek At Our Week April 8 - April 12, 2024

Religion:  God Made Surprises:  God Made Big Things:  The children will identify some big things made by God the Father.  The children will express an understanding that God is great and powerful.  The children will praise and thank God.

Language/Literacy:  Heggerty Lesson Overview Weeks 28-35:Week 28.  Students will produce words that rhyme.  Students will isolate the initial sound in spoken words.  Students will learn to blend three phonemes into a spoken word.  Students will continue to practice phoneme isolation with final and medial(vowel) phonemes in spoken words.  Students will learn to segment a spoken word into three phonemes.  Students will manipulate the initial phoneme in a spoken work with adding, deleting, and substituting.Focus letter of the week Uu.  The children may bring a letter U item from home.

Math: Recognize and identify numerals 0-9.  More and less.  Recognize and  create patterns.  Matching shapes.  Counting and graphing shapes.

Science: Wind.  We will continue to explore different kinds of wind.  Using a fan, the children will collect and predict items that the wind can move.   What items blow the farthest and why?*The children will learn what a solar eclipse is.  They participate in a hands on activity showing how the moon will block the sun this afternoon.  They will observe what happens when the sun is covered by the path of the moon for a short period of time…darkness!

  Afternoon Enrichment

Monday:  Our World and Beyond:  Bonjour!  Today we will travel to France.  We will learn about French culture.  The children will learn to count to 10 in French.  We will visit some famous sites in France through a video.  The children will make a painting of the Eiffel Tower.

Tuesday:  We will continue our study of the Letter Uu..  The children will go on a letter U hunt around the room.  We will play a matching game with upper and lower case letters.

Wednesday:  Number 20.  How to write it as a symbol, in words and tally marks.  Counting from 0-20.  Collecting 20 items and using 1:1 correspondence counting them.   More and less.

Thursday:  “Bushel Of Books”  We will read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by:  Judi and Ron Barrett. This is a cute book about a town where food rains from the sky and how the townspeople react to this.   We will discuss cause and effect, sequencing and concepts of print.   

Friday:  We will learn more about clouds and how they form.  We will try to make our own “Cloud in a Jar” using hot water and ice.