Peek At Our Week September 18 - September 22, 2023

                     Peek At Our Week September 18 - September 22,2023

                        **NO SCHOOL FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 22ND. **

ReligionUnit 1:  God Made the World:  God Made My Helpers.  The children will identify the many people who help them and they will appreciate them for this help.  The children will learn that God helps them through others and see Jesus as a helpful person.

Language/Literacy:  Heggerty Phonics Awareness week 4:  Lesson Overview: Weeks 1-6;  Students will gain an understanding of rhyme by hearing and repeating rhyming words.  Students will isolate the initial sound in spoken words with focused consonant sounds.  Students will learn to blend two works into a compound word.  Students will isolate the final sound they hear in a spoken word with focused consonant sounds.  Students will learn to segment a compound word into two individual words.Alphabet Knowledge:  differentiate uppercase and lowercase letters, recognize and name letters, sequencing letters in our name.  

Math:  Numbers and Operations:  Use verbal ordinal terms.  Use words to rote count from 1 to 30.  Data Analysis:  sort objects and describe how the groups are similar and different. Focus Shape:  Circle

Science:  The children will explore the concept of Living and Nonliving things.  The children will describe and compare characteristics between living and non living things.  The children will participate in an outdoor scavenger hunt and we will make a list of things that are living and non living.

Afternoon Enrichment:

Monday:  “Our World and Beyond”:  The children will learn about our neighbor state to the north, Wisconsin.  The children will understand why Wisconsin is nicknamed “The Dairy State” .  The children will observe and learn how to milk a cow.

Tuesday:   The children will work on name recognition and identifying the letters in their name and orally spelling their name.  The children will participate in a scavenger hunt.  The children will identify the letters in the alphabet and work together to find and put together a letter puzzle.

Wednesday:  The children will participate in a Count the Room activity.  The children will rote count 1-20.  The Children will use a variety of objects in the room to make AB and ABC Patterns.

Thursday:  “Bushel of Books”:  We will read A Pocket for Corduroy by Don Freeman.  We will continue to talk about friendship and what makes a good friend.  The children will use their fine motor skills to lace their own pockets together.  They will then count out “buttons” to put in their pocket.   Using buttons and playdough, the children will first predict and then see how many buttons they can stack on top of eachother.   

Friday:   NO SCHOOL. Teacher Personal Development Day