Peek At Our Week February 6 - February 10, 2023

                   Peek At Our Week February 6 - February 10, 2023

            Optional Conferences Thursday, February 9th NO SCHOOL

                      Teacher Institute Day February 10th.  NO SCHOOL

ReligionUnit 4:  God Made Living Things:  God Made Flowers:  The children will express  an understanding that God the Father made a variety of flowers and express an understanding that creation demonstrates God's goodness and wisdom.  The children will thank God for the gift of flowers

                                  **We will be meeting with our 4th Grade Prayer Buddies this week**

Literacy:  Name it, say it alphabet.  Find rhyming words.  Blend letter sounds into simple CVC words.  Isolating ending sound in words.  

 Math:  Ten frames.  three and six part sequencing stories.  Which one is similar, which one is different?  Making AB and ABC Patterns.  The children will graph candy hearts.  They will sort and organize the hearts by number.  They will color code the graph and count.  Which color had the most/least?Focus Shape:  Heart

Afternoon Enrichment:

Monday:  "Our World and Beyond"  We will travel to China!  The children will learn how to say Hello (Ni Hao).  China celebrates their biggest holiday of the year during this month, the Chinese New Year.  This is the year of the rabbit.  We will learn about China through a few books, a short video.  The children will do a "directed drawing" of a Panda.  We will also make Chinese lanterns.

Tuesday: The children will write the room with the letters of the alphabet.  We will also work on rhyming.  Which words rhyme?  Sorting rhyming words by word families. 

Wednesday:   We will play a number recognition heart game.   Using Candy Hearts, the boys and girls will work on their estimating skills.  Review 2D and 3D shapes.   


Friday:  NO SCHOOL/ Teacher Institute Day