Week at a Glance April 10 – April 14, 2017

Religion Objectives:  

Easter – Why is there a cross? Resurrection Eggs. 

Seeds – Jesus has friends.  The children will recognize their own feelings and emotions.

The children will understand that Jesus feeling and friends too. 

We will attend mass with our Prayer Buddies on Tuesday. 

Science Objectives: 

Easter Egg Rockets. Clifford’s My Big Word – I see blue eggs. Peep playdoh. 

Social Studies Objectives: 

Discuss different jobs people do during different seasons. 

Literacy Objectives: 

Completion of Unit 6 – Week 3 – What changes in each season?  Concept words cold, fall, spring, summer, warm and winter. Amazing words bud, chilly, nest, boil, perfect and tip.  Understand the meaning of words. Initial and final sounds, letter sound /Jj/, onset and rime, initial and ending consonant sounds and vowel review. Produce words that begin with the same sound. Use language in a discussion and engage in conversation. Engage in pre-reading and reading related activities. Answer questions about a book and retell a story. 

Follow the ABC letter trail. Color the letter bunny. Creative writing about the Easter Bunny.

Math Objectives: 

Continuing math lessons with 10 - count 10 items in any order, making sets to of 10 and make/break 10. Counting animals.  Concept of bigger and smaller.  Ordering from smallest to largest. Roll and count by six up to 100.  Counting egg 1 to 10. 

Afternoon Enrichment: 

Easter STEM activities – Build a Peep House.  Journaling about our pet Peep.  Describing our Peeps using our five senses.  Build a quacking duck.  Recognize and match colors. IXL Math.