Peek At Our Week April 30 – May 4, 2018

Religion Objectives:  

God Made Surprises – God Made Laughter.  The children will know that God wants them to be happy.  The children will desire to give joy to others and thank God for the gift of laughter. 

Seeds – Love brings us together.  The children will recognize loving actions and learn Jesus’ rule of love. The children will also learn about Mary. 

Literacy Objectives: 

Unit 7 – My Shadow and Me – Why do we see shadows? Demonstrate understanding of the meaning of a word. Concept words between, dark, light, shadow, sidewalk and wall.  Amazing words errand, pretend, whistle, practice, whirl and entertain. Using appropriate writing conventions when giving dictation. Participate to music activities through movement and play.  Coordinate sequence of movements. Use language to participate in a discussion.  Follow three-step oral directions. Make it: phonemes, letter sounds, name it and find it, delete onset, blend phonemes, identify letters and sounds.  Introduce possessive pronouns. Retell stories. Answer questions about a book.  Discuss conflict and resolution. Centers focus on ending and beginning sounds, counting syllables, letter recognition and sound production. Letter of the week: Xx. 

We will explore Eve Bunting’s A Sunflower House and create our very own sunflower house for our classroom! 

The children will make five little bunnies to go along with our poem of the month. 

Social Studies: 

Discuss safety rules. Demonstrate that all people need shelter. 

Math Objectives: 

Naming common shapes: circles, triangles, rectangles.  Sharing. Counting groups. Spring patterning. Sorting letters and numbers. One more and one less. Different ways to represent numbers 1 through 10. 

Science Objectives: 

Making plastic out of milk! In this chemistry science project, the children will be surprised to learn that in the early 20th century, milk was used to make many different plastic ornaments —including jewelry for Queen Mary of England! Rainy weather sensory exploration.

Afternoon Enrichment: 

Monday: Bonjour! Our France lesson will be complete with a review and a tasting of French cuisine. 

Tuesday: IXL Math and app of their choice.

Wednesday: Afternoon Gym and Media CAPE with Mrs. Beyer’s class. 

Thursday: Aye, Aye Matey! Our afternoon friends will begin their pirate exploration! Music class with Mr. Showstead and Mrs. Beyer’s class.

Friday: STEAM – The children will participate in the Lorax STEAM challenge. Why are trees important to our environment? Design and build a truffula tree. How many cubes tall is your truffula tree? How can you use the cubes to create a pattern for your truffla tree? Mindfulness class with Miss Angie!