Week at a Glance April 3 – April 7, 2017

Religion Objectives:  

God Made Surprises – God Made Little Things.  The children will know that God made small things and realize that small things are important.  The children will praise and thank God for small things. 

The Jelly Bean Poem. 

Seeds – Jesus heals a blind man.  The children will appreciate their gift of sight.  The children will understand the joy of the blind man when Jesus healed him. 

Science Objectives: 

Discuss seasonal changes. Identify, observe and discuss objects in the sky. 

Jelly Bean Simple Science experiment.

Social Studies Objectives: 

Demonstrate that people need clothing. Discuss different jobs people do during different seasons. 

Literacy Objectives: 

Unit 6 – Week 3 – What changes in each season?  Concept words cold, fall, spring, summer, warm and winter. Amazing words bud, chilly, nest, boil, perfect and tip.  Understand the meaning of words. Initial and final sounds, letter sound /Jj/, onset and rime, initial and ending consonant sounds and vowel review. Produce words that begin with the same sound. Use language in a discussion and engage in conversation. Engage in pre-reading and reading related activities. Answer questions about a book and retell a story. Letter Tt. Journaling about our teddy bear at our teddy bear tea. 

Math Objectives: 

Count 10 items in any order.  Count 10 children in any order. Combining sets to make 10. Making sets of 10.  Make and break 10. Egg Patterning. Creating a puzzle.

Afternoon Enrichment: 

Author study with Drew Daywalt the author of The Day the Crayons Quit, The Crayons’ Book of Colors, The Crayons’ Book of Numbers and The Day the Crayons Came Home.   Graphing and creating our favorite crayon. Crayon resist art. Crayon math activities. Listen and Do activity. Letter Tt alphabet book page.  Journaling about coming home.