Peek At Our WeekMarch 20 - March 24, 2023

                         Peek At Our Week March 20 - March 24, 2023

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                                   NO SCHOOL MARCH 27 - MARCH 31

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Religion:God Made Things:  God Made Fish:  The children will express an understanding that God the Father made sea creatures.  The children will help tell the story of the large catch of fish.  The children will express gratitude to God for fish.


LIteracyOWL:  Unit 5 Week 2.  What are Jungles Like:  Concept Words:  elephant, frog, lion, parrot, zebra.  Amazing words:  chase, collect, complain, mistake, pattern, splash.  Use language in a discussion with complete sentences.  Respond appropriately.  Name it/say it with the alphabet.  Identify beginning letter sounds.  Differentiate between upper and lower case letters.  Make it/Break it onset and rime.  Create words by adding beginning sounds to rimes.  Count words in sentences.  What’s my word?  Understand the meaning of words.  Engage in pre-reading and reading activities with concepts of print and tracking.  Answer questions about a book.  Retell a story.  Compare and contrast  animals.  Focus letter of the weekL  Tt.  Bring a T item from home.

Math:  Create, extend and recognize patterns using sounds. Colors and people.  Pattern and puzzle making.  Number recognition 1-10.  Focus color of the month:  Green

Teddy Bear Tea:  .  We will use our furry friends we will measure and compare the different sizes of the bears.  Graphing and analyzing the data.  Estimation using bear counters.  Recording descriptive  information about our furry friends.  Using language to describe. Making a Venn diagram of the information we learn about bears.

Afternoon Enrichment

Monday:  Our World and Beyond:  Bonjour!  Today we will travel to France.  We will learn about French culture.  The children will learn to count to 10 in French.  We will visit some famous sites in France through a video.  The children will make a painting of the Eiffel Tower.

Tuesday:  We will continue our study of the Letter Tt..  The children will go on a letter T hunt around the room.  We will play a matching game with upper and lower case letters.

Wednesday:  Number 20.  How to write it as a symbol, in words and tally marks.  Counting from 0-20.  Collecting 20 items and using 1:1 correspondence counting them.   More and less.

Thursday:  Bushel of Books:  We will Read The LIttle House By:  Virginia Lee Burton.  THis is a story of a horse that was built on a beautiful hill in the country.  Little by little the area becomes built up until the Little House is in the middle of a huge city.  The children will compare city and country using a venn diagram.  They will draw their own little house.  What do you like better?? City or Country.

Friday:  Stem: Weather and the clouds.  How do clouds affect the weather?  The children will identify different types of cloud and what they look like. We will make a “Cloud in a jar”.  The children will make shaving cream clouds.