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Welcome to Little Knights Preschool

 at St. Joseph Catholic School!

Called to Discipleship: Be Christ’s Light



I am excited to be a part of the St. Joseph Catholic School community as the new full day preschool teacher working with four year olds. I look forward to being a part of such a positive and caring academic community where body, mind and spirit are nurtured and developed.
Although I earned my education degree in Ohio, I have been a preschool teacher in Libertyville for the last 15 years. I love teaching preschool children and seeing the world through their eyes. I believe a warm and loving environment both encourages children to learn as well as helps them gain self-confidence. I am a strong believer in learning through play as well as hands on learning to help foster a child’s creativity and development. I look forward to a positive, loving, and wonderful year with your child!




The boys and girls went on a circle hunt around the room.  They had to search for small, medium and large circles.  Once they were on the board we sorted them by size and then made different designs.
Circle Day!  The boys and girls helped me list all the things they could think of that were circle shaped.  Great job!
Jared shared his ME Bag with the Class this morning.  Jared loves to play soccer, loves Mario and his dinos and hot wheels.  Jared also,has a big brother who is 7 named Aiden.  Thanks for sharing.
This afternoon the boys and girls did a lower case write the room.  They looked for,the apple letters around the room and colored in the matching letters on their sheet!
While K - 2 were at Mass, we played a game of red light/green light in the hallway.  Since we could not get outside today this was a great way to have the boys ad girls get some energy out!
Amelia shared her ME Bag with the class this morning.  Amelia is an artist and brought one of her pictures to show the class.  Amelia loves her family and cousin Olivia, Anna from Frozen and yoga!   Thanks for sharing Amelia!
The boys and girls each made their own cute cows.  They did an awesome job following directions.
This afternoon we learned a little bit about the State of Wisconsin.  We learned that A LOT of cows live in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is called America’s Dairyland.
the boys and girls each took a turn pretending to milk a cow.
Many thanks to Mrs Jamilkowski who came in and read 2 books for Colin’s Birthday.  She read a Pete the Cat book and David Goes to School. The boys and girls loved both books!
Music with Mr Showstead.  He had the boys and girls play a game of dancing to different beats.  Mr Showstead also showed us his guitar and let all the boys and girls practice strumming it.
We played a letter recognition game.  The boys and girls were given upper case and lower case letters on a post it paper.  The boys and girls had to go find the matching letter n the wall and stick their post it onto the wall.  
Colin shared his ME Bag with the class.  Colin lives Mac and Cheese, the book Creepy Crayons, transformers, Spider-Man and cake pops from Starbucks (yummy).