Week at a Glance May 15 – May 19, 2017

Religion Objectives: 

Father’s Day – God gave us Fathers.  The children will know that God gave them fathers, appreciate what their fathers do for them and show love for their fathers. 

Our final mass with our Prayer Buddies. 

Explore Heaven is for Real

Science Objectives: 

Reflections – observe and discuss properties of materials. Discuss sources of light. Sink or float. 

Social Studies Objectives: 

Discuss features of our environment.  Understand animals need food. 

Literacy Objectives: 

Unit 7 – Week 3 – Reflections – What is a reflection? Concept words dull, glass, mirror, reflection, shiny and smooth.  Amazing words glide, stare, sturdy, chill scatter and silently. Use language in discussion. Respond appropriately. Make it/Break it/Change it.  Perceive sounds, match sound to letter, and segment/blend phonemes. Demonstrate understanding of words. What’s my word? Answer questions about a book.  Retell a story. Letter of the week: Yy. Writing names of our friends. 

Math Objectives: 

Tangram designs.  Graphing.  Name common shapes and their characteristics. Demonstrating that plane shapes stay the same when flipped, turned and slid.  Recognizing the difference between more and less. 

Afternoon Enrichment: 

Author study with Leo Lionni.