Peek at Our Week December 18 – December 22, 2017

Religion Objectives:  

Christmas – The children will know the Christmas story, be grateful that Jesus came to Earth and enjoy making a Christmas decoration.  

Seeds – The whole world welcomes Jesus. The children will learn how they can get their hearts ready for Jesus and that loving actions help get them ready for Jesus.  They will make a Christmas card, retell the Christmas story and create a matching game. 

Literacy Objectives: 

We will explore different Nativity story perspectives.  We will see the story through the eyes of camel, a cat, birds, an ox and the innkeeper’s daughter. 

Sorting the letter Kk represented in different fonts. Find and color rhyming words. Discerning between letters and numbers.  Creating our Five Little Stockings page for our poetry books. 

Science Objectives:    

We will make special Grinch Dust to keep him away at Christmas. 

Math Objectives: 

Ordering numbers 1 – 10.  Winter patterning. Sequencing the story of the mouse and candy cane.  Christmas tree number ordering. 

Afternoon Enrichment: 

Monday: Ciao from Italy! The children will recognize the Mona Lisa and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We will review what we have learned and finish with our own review books and Leaning Tower of Pisa craft to take home.   

Tuesday: IXL Math and learning apps of choice.

Wednesday: Afternoon Gym and Media CAPE with Mrs. Beyer’s class. 

Thursday: Our final week of our Gingerbread Boy stories. Rhyming activity.

Friday:  School is out for the Holiday starting at 10 a.m. Merry Christmas!!!!