Peek at Our Week August 21 – August 25, 2017

Religion:  Unit 1 “God Made People”.  Lesson 1 “God Made Me”.  We learn and are grateful that God made all people.  We will grow in self-esteem and respect for all people. We will rejoice in being shining start for God and celebrate that He is in our hearts.

Science: We will learn the parts and tools of a scientist.  We will learn what the scientific method entails.  We will apply the scientific method and our five senses while exploring coconuts.  

Social Studies: We will meet and learn about the workers at our school. We will learn what it means to be a bucket filler in Preschool. We will explore positive, green choices in our classroom. 

OWL (Opening the World of Learning): Unit 1 “Welcome New Friends” – Week 1 – “What makes each of us special?” We will meet Ollie, our Word Bird. Concept words boy, classroom, different, girl, grow, same. Amazing words favorite, frown, grin, confuse, exciting, nervous. We will focus on phonological awareness with letter and environmental sounds.  We will learn what is a letter, the letters in our name and others names. We will explore the concept of alike versus different.  We will listen to and follow a recipe for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees.

Math: Sorting various materials into groups – similar and different. Count objects with Ollie.  Discover that objects can be counted.  Haves and have nots. Recognize colors with a focus on red. Count with one-to-one correspondence.  Count up to 5 objects and demonstrate that the order of the counting sequence is always the same.

Afternoon Enrichment: 

Monday: We will start our school year off with a momentous event – our indoor solar eclipse party with Mrs. Beyer’s class!  The children will enjoy this momentous occasion with a fun and safe viewing on the NASA website. We will also make textured moon eclipse art. Mondays are our Little Knight’s Global Adventure Day. We begin with the United States of America next week. 

Tuesday: We begin our IXL exploration. 

Wednesday: Afternoon Gym and Media CAPE with Mrs. Beyer’s class.  

Thursday: Author Study with James Dean and Pete the Cat. We begin work with our alphabet and number journals. Music CAPE with Mrs. Beyer’s class. 

Friday:  STEAM enrichment activity – the longest chain, a team building activity.