Peek At Our Week October 9 – October 13, 2017

Religion Objectives:  

“God Made Music”.  The children will know that song and music can praise God.  We will also enjoy singing songs and be proud of our musicality. 

Seeds Lesson - Jesus wants us to grow.  The children will recognize how they change and grow.  The children will identify Jesus’ story about a vineyard as a story about God’s love for us. The children will appreciate that God delights in their life and growth and takes care of them always.  

Literacy Objectives: 

Letter Review of Aa – Ee.  Rhyming words with the –at family. Review of Unit 1 and 2 stories and vocabulary words. 

Math Objectives: 

Counting numbers 1 – 20.  Ordering numbers 1- 10. Adding to 4 and one more. Matching numbers.  Simple patterning. 

Science Objectives:    

Spiders!!!  We will have an in-school field trip with the Lake County Forest Preserve and learn all about spiders! Hot vs. Cold. 

Social Studies Objectives:    

My Big World with Clifford: Our Friendly Firefighters, our community workers in our neighborhood.  What do firefighters do? Where do they work and what tools do they need for their job? We will learn about and practice Stop, Drop and Roll.  Learning what 911 is for. 

Afternoon Enrichment:

Monday: No School.

Tuesday: iPad literacy games

Wednesday: Afternoon Gym and Media CAPE with Mrs. Beyer’s class.  We will also enjoy snack and playtime with Mrs. Beyer’s class.

Thursday: Continuation of the author exploration with David McKee, author of Elmer the Elephant.  We will read more about the adventures of Elmer and the lessons he has to share.  We will also share what makes us one of a kind.

Friday:  STEAM challenge. A bridge for 21 elephants continued.

Mindfulness and Movement provides children with the opportunity to work on balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and spatial awareness through imaginative play, games, and exercises. Children will learn mindfulness skills for emotional regulation and cognitive focus all while developing their fine and gross motor skills. Creative movement activities will include aerobics, balance, dance, stretching, and strengthening. Children will also learn all about healthy nutrition and exercise while we play!