Peek at Our Week February 6-8, 2023

PreK 3

Religion -  Unit 4 - God Made Me Active: “I Can Make Things”. The children will understand that God made everything. They will experience the satisfaction of making things. 

Social Studies - February is for friends! “What is a friend?” Building and developing social skills to bolster friendships. 

Friendship painting Preschoolers will express the concept of friendship in a collaborative painting activity. They will discover that good things happen when friends come together!

Language/Literacy - Recognizing name in print. Recognizing letters in name. Enhancing listening skills with two step directions. Letter review . 

Math - Comparing. Recognizing similarities in objects. Matching objects by single attribute. Basic shapes. Critical thinking skills Focus on Shape of the Month: Heart.

Specials - Media with Mrs. Hoglund.

PreK 4

Religion -  God Made the Earth: God Made Air.  The children will explain what air does for us. They will express appreciation for God the father’s gift of air. The children will express an understanding that air is necessary for life, just like God.

Social Studies - Scholastic: My BIG World - Math: Matching. Theme Vocab: paint. Skills We Are Practicing: group discussion, critical thinking, vocabulary, relationship skills, counting, 

Friendship Painting: Shared painting technique. Painting on vertical surfaces - stimulating communication and increasing concentration and expression. 

**We are teaching us the importance of fine and gross motor skills to write! This process art activity encourages the children to use their spatial awareness, bilateral coordination, sensory stimulation, eye hand coordination, core strength, and wrist extension. These are all concepts preschoolers need for forming letters and writing.

Science  - Candy Heart Science. Working in friendship groups, the children will make predictions and observations about how candy hearts react in various liquids. They will record their results. Preschoolers will be introduced to the concept of change and reaction.

Literacy - OWL - Review: Unit 4 Weeks 1-3. Letter Focus of the Week: Pp.. Alphabet Knowledge: letter naming, identifying letters in various print styles. Phonological awareness: identifying rhyming words, ending sounds in words, isolating/identifying beginning sounds. Listening and following directions: Identifying Left/Right. Preschoolers will engage in a variety of gross motor activities, songs, and rhymes to help them identify left and right. Identifying information: Preschoolers will begin to recognize their home address, both verbally and in print.

Math - Number & Operations: Compare sets of up to five. Graphic organizer: use of a 10 frame to organize objects. and develop visual images for each number.  Problem solving with sets up to five. Differentiating between letters & numbers. Practice naming and writing numbers 1-10.Shape Focus of the Month: Heart

Process Drama Class with Mrs. Hansel - Preschoolers will recognize the 3 actor’s tools that they have with them every day! They will engage in listening to move through large group warm-ups. Preschoolers will follow step by step directions while using their bodies and voices to collaboratively tell a story. They will work as a team to think critically about and create with their bodies an animal that could “replace” the Groundhog as the weather forecaster each year!


Science - Heart-shaped Melted Crayon. The children will make observations about how temperature affects common objects. They will describe characteristics of materials.“Do different colors react differently to heat?” They will conduct an experiment and note the physical change in crayons when exposed to heat. Preschoolers will enjoy creating and naming their own heart-shaped crayon!