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Welcome to Preschool at St. Joseph Catholic School! 

I am so excited to be your child’s preschool teacher this year!

This is my sixth year at St. Joseph Catholic School and I am looking

forward to helping your child grow, and learn,

and have fun this year.

I have been a preschool teacher in Libertyville for over 25 years,

and am passionate about helping young children learn.

I believe children learn best with hands-on experiences and

help facilitate their many different learning styles

in a kind and nurturing setting.

We will have an amazing year together meeting new friends, sharing new

discoveries, and learning new skills everyday.

Our instructional aide, Mrs. Tina Truskowski, has much experience in the classroom

after being a aide at St. Joseph Catholic School for over 15 years!

Together, we help build positive relationships with children to help foster

growth and confidence in a caring classroom community.

We are both looking forward to sharing a wonderful year with your child.


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and videos of our classroom!!

Welcome to Our Bunch!






Choice Time.  We have been discovering lots of different ways to represent numbers! Our Math Center gave us super practice with identifying/naming numbers, using one to one, counting, and subitizing!
Letter Uu Word Wall! Preschoolers understood that this one is a tough one! They did a super job of listing letter U words today!
Rain, rain. Go away
Pick an umbrella. What does it say? ☂ 
During today’s lit circle, preschoolers took turns to practice letter/sound relationships!
U is for Umbrella! This week’s letter project included process art and a rainy day writing prompt! ☔️ Love integrating science with literacy and art!
Religion: God Made Weather ⚡️☀️💨💧🌨
We talked about how weather can sometimes make us feel happy or sad. Preschoolers took turns sharing their favorite weather! We discussed the importance of each type of weather, and thanked God for sunny skies, cloudy days, wind, rain, and even snow! During our Morning Meeting, preschoolers record each day’s weather! Today they made their own weather wheel so they can wake up, Thank God for the day, and record each day’s weather! What’s your favorite weather?
Media with Mrs. Hoglund: What can you do to help the Earth? 🌎 
With Earth Day just around the corner, preschoolers were introduced to ways they can make the Earth feel good; such as using both sides of the layer, turning off lights when leaving a room, and using a reusable water bottle to limit waste! ❤️
Raindrop Drip Process Art 💧 
Just beautiful and a fun one for building that fine motor control! Preschoolers took their time to carefully drip water colors into a damp paper towel! The color blending was just amazing as the water colors were wicked up the toweling! We look forward to mounting these and placing them in our hallway!
Shape Spin & Trace (or Color!)
Such a fun game during small group with Mrs. Truskowski! Preschoolers identified and named shapes, then traced/colored the matching shape on their game board! Introducing skinny markers helped fine motor development! We love games for engaging, and building attention skills in our young learners!
Weather Watchers ☀️ ☁️⚡️🌨💧
Our Religion !Essen this week, has us understanding the 8moirtsnce or each kind of weather! Snow protects and insulates plants, rain feeds plants and animals, and sunshine helps things grow! We used a bubble map to record all the different kinds of weather we know! I counted more than 5 different kinds of weather we had last week!
Monday Math Write the Room ☔️ 
Preschoolers identified numbers using a 10 frame, and colored the corresponding umbrella on their recording sheet! 10 frames are awesome for helping our young learners with number relationships such as 1 more/less!
Umbrella Process Art ☔️ 
No two look alike! This drip and fold process has been around forever, but still creates the most unique outcome, and reactions! 💧 Can’t wait to complete them tomorrow!
Music with Mr. Showstead 🎶 The History of Music! 💿 
Preschoolers enjoyed listening and moving to music played from different sources; such as albums, cassette tapes, and cd’s!