Peek at Our Week October 19 - October 21, 2020

Pre-K 3

Religion - Unit 2 - God Made Me Good: I Can Smile. The children will learn that a smile is a sign of happiness that makes others happy. They will hear that Jesus made others happy and pray psalm verses about joy. The children will know that God wants them to be happy.  

Social Studies - Me Bags: learning about our friends at school to help facilitate development of relationships. 

Language/Literacy - Halloween rhymes, songs, fingerplays to help introduce rhyming, patterning, and vocabulary. Identifying our name in print. Letter Review: Aa - Ee. 

Math - Naming basic shapes. Comparing and identifying similarities among objects. Color Focus of the Month: Orange

PreK 4

Religion -  Unit 2 God Made Holy Things: God Made Bibles. The children will know that the Bible is God’s book. They will learn how to treat the Bible with respect and love. The children will enjoy a story from the Bible and gain a desire to speak to God.  

Pumpkin Prayer: The children recite our Pumpkin Prayer as we carve our classroom pumpkin. And enjoy making their own Pumpkin Prayer craft to take home.

Social Studies  Scholastic My BIG World  • Science: plant life cycle • Theme Vocabulary Words: sprout, seed, flower, pumpkin patch, scarecrow • Language: predictable text •Math: shapes 

Science - Pumpkin Science Investigation : “What does the outside  and inside of a pumpkin look like”? Preschoolers will make predictions and observations as we use our senses to investigate a pumpkin!  Identify the pulp, seeds, shell, and stem of a pumpkin. Life cycle of a pumpkin. 

Language/Literacy -  Concepts of Print. Phonological awareness: segment sentences, delete word from a compound word, segment words, rhyming. Alphabet knowledge: concept of a letter, letter naming. Shared book reading: responding appropriately during book discussion. Oral language: demonstrate meaning of words. Letter review Aa-Ee.

Math - Numbers & Operations: know objects can be counted, count with one count per item, demonstrate that the last count is how many, use a model for adding up to 5 objects/subtracting 1-5. Data Analysis: sort objects and describe similarities and differences between groups.

Graphing: AB patterns. Using a graphic organizer to record and analyze data. One to one correspondence. Color Focus of the Month: Orange. Writing numbers 1-5. Same/Different.


Math - Pumpkin Reporting. Children will use a combination of drawing, language/vocabulary, and data to journal about their pumpkin. They will observe a pumpkin using their senses and learn to make a drawing from observation. Preschoolers will be involved in using non-standard units to measure, using attributes to sort/compare, practicing concept of shortest to tallest, learn to use a balance scale and interpret results.