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Welcome to Little Knights Preschool


St. Joseph Catholic School


 "Called to Discipleship:  Be Christ's Light!"


Welcome to Preschool at St. Joseph Catholic School! 

I am so excited to be your child’s preschool teacher this year!

This is my sixth year at St. Joseph Catholic School and I am looking

forward to helping your child grow, and learn,

and have fun this year.

I have been a preschool teacher in Libertyville for the past 25 years,

and am passionate about helping young children learn.

I believe children learn best with hands-on experiences and

help facilitate their many different learning styles

in a kind and nurturing setting.

We will have an amazing year together meeting new friends, sharing new

discoveries, and learning new skills everyday.

Our instructional aide, Mrs. Tina Truskowski, has much experience in the classroom

after being a aide at St. Joseph Catholic School for over 15 years!

Together, we help build positive relationships with children to help foster

growth and confidence in a caring classroom community.

We are both looking forward to sharing a wonderful year with your child.


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and videos of our classroom!!


Welcome to our bunch!






Me. Abs with Kyler! We discovered Kyler has a brother, Beckett, and a sister, Genevieve! Kyler loves to play cars with Beckett, and showed us his faves, Dinosaur Car, and MaxD Monster Truck! He brought his favorite Teddy, and his cozy blue blanket, which he loves to snuggle with! Kyler’s favorite dinosaur is Ankylosaurus (mine too!), and taught us many facts about his fave! He loves PJ Masks, and introduced us to Green Gecko! Thank you, Kyler, for sharing all about you! 
Media with Mrs. Frels! We piggy-backed last week’s lesson with this fun read, Lyle, Lyle Counts! We practiced counting dogs, and learned a main difference between crocodiles and alligators! Crocodiles have a v-shaped snout, and an alligator’s snout is more u-shaped  🐊 Thank you Mrs.Frels!
Center Day in PreK! Witch’s Brew Stew!
Preschoolers choice “recipe” cards and counted out ingredients using one to one correspondence to match each card! Awesome Brew Stew counting! This center was also great for helping the children recognize numbers 1-9! Preschool enjoyed today’s centers so much, we decided they would be table choices next week!
“Witch” pattern can you make? Preschoolers loved creating their own pattern today on their Halloween Witch with Mrs. Truskowski! They followed directions in order to assemble their witch, and then designed their own colorful AB pattern! 
🎃 Halloween Roll& Graph🎃
Always a favorite, Roll & Graph had us today using jumbo die of various Halloween symbols! The children then recorded results in their graph! Awesome for comparing quantities and developing an understanding or most and least
“Witch letter will you make?” The children really enjoy dry erase markers during center time, and did an awesome job of writing uppercase today! We focused on forming our uppercase letters correctly 
Oh, Mr. E, E, uppercase E
Where could you be?
Our fun game gave us practice with phonics and letter knowledge! 
A class fave! This was a great addition to our pattern-based center today! Physical movement makes learning stick! Ask your preschooler to act out Banana, Banana, Meatball for you!
Spider Web Letter Match 🕷 🕸 🕷 This group worked together to match 60 lowercase tiles to their uppercase match! Way to go!
Fishing for Letters! We used magnetic fishing poles to attract uppercase letters. Our recording sheet had us documenting our results!
Preschoolers built letters with magnetic discs, and used their magnetic wands to swipe them! We love this for integrating literacy with science! 
Our Magnet unit was introduced with an awesome video describing the forces of push and pull! Preschoolers learned that this invisible magnetic field attracts certain metals! We discovered that it is strong enough to work through paper, and look forward to testing this idea on Thursday with our process art!
Classroom Magnet Hunt! Preschoolers tested various materials in their classroom with magnets to see what was attracted to the magnet, and what was not! Even ventured in the hallway! Testing through experiments is part of the scientific method! Many surprising results! 🧲 
Last week’s design-your-own-crayon project was a success! The children were amazed at the results after their crayon bits was introduced to heat! They enjoyed trying out their new crayon, and used creativity to name their new color! 🖍 Meet Gladness Green, Bean, and Rainbow!
This group “read” the room searching for Letter E words to add to our word wall! They discovered eagle, eleven, eight, ear, elbow, express, and elephant! Activities such as these encourage concepts of print, an important pre-kindergarten skills!