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Welcome to Little Knights Preschool


St. Joseph Catholic School


 "Called to Discipleship:  Be Christ's Light!"


Welcome to Preschool at St. Joseph Catholic School! 

I am so excited to be your child’s preschool teacher this year!

This is my fifth year at St. Joseph Catholic School and I am looking

forward to helping your child grow, and learn,

and have fun this year.

I have been a preschool teacher in Libertyville for the past 25 years,

and am passionate about helping young children learn.

I believe children learn best with hands-on experiences and

help facilitate their many different learning styles

in a kind and nurturing setting.

We will have an amazing year together meeting new friends, sharing new

discoveries, and learning new skills everyday.

Our instructional aide, Mrs.Tina Truskowski, has much experience in the classroom

after being a aide at St. Joseph Catholic School for 15 years!

Together, we help build positive relationships with children to help foster

growth and confidence in a caring classroom community.

We are both looking forward to sharing a wonderful year with your child.


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Welcome to our bunch!






Peek at Our Week May 23 - May 27, 2022

PreK 3

Religion  - Special Lesson 12: Last Class/Summer. Summer is a time to enjoy being alive. The children will anticipate summer fun and thank God for the experiences of preschool.

Social Studies  - End of year celebrations. Saying goodbye to our friends. Reflecting on our year together.

Language/Literacy - Letters in our name. Alphabet review. Letter Focus: Zz. 

Home/School Connection: bring Letter Z item from home.

Math  - Color/shape review.  Count to 10. Identifying numbers 1-5.  Shape review: “How many shapes do you know?” Identifying, sorting, and classifying.

PreK 4

Religion - Special Seasons and Days - Last Class/Summer. The children will talk about their plans for the summer. They will thank God for the experiences of preschool.

Prayer Buddy End of Year Celebration: We thank our Prayer Buddies for mentoring our Preschoolers, and helping to form a special friendship in our Christian community. We will celebrate our fun year together with Popsicles at the Park.

Social Studies -  Scholastic My BIG World: Safe Around Town. Health Focus: summer safety. Social and Emotional Learning: responsible decision making. Music: sing-along. Literacy: letter recognition.

Science - Liquid Chalk! Working in small groups, preschoolers will listen and follow directions to create their liquid chalk. The children will take their liquid chalk and paintbrushes outside and

Literacy/Language:  “What pet should I get?” Pet adoption: Preschoolers will be involved in many themed-based activities including adopting and naming their pet, creating a pet journal, patterning a pet collar with beads, caring for their pet. Focused Letter Study: Zz.

Math - Geometry: comparing/moving shapes, name common shapes, create a picture graph. Numbers & Operations: counting to 20, writing our numbers, comparing numbers.

Last Day Celebrations.  All are invited to attend this fun celebration and congratulate our Pre-K 4’s on a wonderful year! Parents, Grandparents, and siblings are all welcome to our End of Year Preschool Celebration in the Koenig Center at 12:30 pm. Followed by refreshments served by our Room Parents, and playtime on the playground.


Let’s Get Buggy!🐜🐞🪰🪲🪳🦗
This week’s theme began with preschoolers listing all the bugs they know, which included stink bugs, grasshoppers, and cockroaches!!😳
They discovered that insects have 6 legs and 3 body parts! During literacy we broke up into 2 teams, Blue acre and Green Machine! Preschoolers took turns identifying corresponding letter sounds by swatting the matching letter bugs! 
Taking the classroom outdoors!☀️🌸🍃🦋
Preschoolers did their Tuesday letter work outside today!
Our week of all things Butterflies was just amazing! Today’s read placed our preschoolers in the place of a butterfly! It described important aspects of butterflies, along with a bit of humor!😄 Next week we Get Buggy with Insects! 
What a week filled with butterfly fun! We read that they use their long tongue like a straw to drink nectar from flowers! But we learn with hands-on experiences!🦋🌸🦋

Peek at Our Week May 17 - May 20, 2022

PreK 3

Religion - Special Lesson 10 - Special Seasons and Days: Father’s Day. God gave us fathers. The children will appreciate what their fathers do for them. They will know that god loves them like a good father. The children will identify Joseph as the man who was like a father to Jesus.

Social Studies - Exploring our outdoor environment: sounds and smells of nature.

Language Literacy - Focused Letter Study: Yy. Home/school connection: bring item from home that begins with Y.

Math - Puzzles to develop spatial sense.  Shapes: Using math language to identify the number of sides and corners on each basic shape. Classifying objects: making sets.

PreK 4

Religion - Special Seasons and Days - Special Lesson 10: Father’s Day. God gave us fathers. The children will know that God gave them fathers. They will appreciate what their fathers do for them. The children will show love for their fathers.

Social Studies - Scholastic My BIG World: Hop, Climb, Fly! “Some insects soar high. Some insects crawl low. Look at these insects go, go, go!” Science Focus: insects. Theme Vocabulary: scurry. Movement: gross-motor skills. Math: counting.

Science - Buzzin’ Bees. The children will participate in a “hive” of activity this week! They will learn what nectar, honey, and pollen are, where they come from, and how bees and flowers share a mutually beneficial relationship. The children will understand the bee society, such as the role of the queen and the worker bee. They will be introduced to the way bees construct hives and how honey bees dance to communicate.

OWL - Unit 6 Week 3: From Season to Season . “What changes in each season?” Phonological awareness: segment phonemes, identify ending sounds, identify words that do and do not end with same final sound.  Alphabet knowledge: recognize and produce letter sounds, same/different ending sounds. Concepts of print.  Oral language: What’s My Word?, label and categorize words, demonstrate understanding of words, retell a story. Comprehension: respond appropriately, answer questions about a book, draw conclusions, demonstrate understanding of words, compare/contrast books.

Concept words: cold, fall, spring, summer warm, winter. Amazing words: bud, boil, chilly, next, perfect, tip. Focused Letter Study: Yy. Home/school connection: bring item from home that begins with Y’.

Math  - Geometry: comparing/moving shapes, name common shapes, create a picture graph. Numbers & Operations: counting to 20, making 10, writing our numbers 1-12, comparing numbers.

Music w/ Mr. Showstead. 

Media with Mrs. Hoglund


World Travelers - Summer at the Beach!! Ahoy, Maties! Get ready to hit the high seas for adventure during our May month-long study of all things OCEAN!  Our seafarers will be introduced  to concepts and features of the beach and ocean, including properties of salt water. Preschoolers will be introduced to new vocabulary such as fluke, anemone, and tide. They will  identify and classify sea animals. We will integrate skills such as addition, by playing the fun game, “Get on My Boat”! 

Pirate Pete’s Phonics: Preschoolers will count and categorize syllables, identify beginning/ending sounds, gain confidence in alphabet knowledge during fun games and activities.

Weighty Water Measurement: Preschoolers will compare the attributes of length, weight/mass, capacity. They will use comparative language to solve problems and answer questions. Preschoolers will compare two objects according to weight/mass (heavier than, lighter than, or equal to).


STEAM : Ocean Lime! We have found the best recipe! Throughout the year we have tested several recipes, however none as successful as today’s! Working in small groups, preschoolers added and mixed ingredients which included colored glue, glitter, white glue, food coloring, and saline solution! We talked about the characteristics of our slime which included being stretchy, squishy, soft, wet, gooey, and messy!!!!
Under the Sea! Combining gross motor, alphabet recognition, phonemic awareness, and FUN! Our divers swam under the “ocean” to search for letters with clues of letter sounds!!! We loved making the ocean waves with our parachute!
Patterns! Movement helps learning stick! One of our favorite videos had preschoolers practicing patterning skills and developing gross motor skills! Ask your preschooler about Banana, Banana, Meatball! 
Our PreK 4 social studies curriculum is a favorite with our preschoolers! Each lesson of Scholastic My Big World includes games, amazing videos, and their fave “Dance Break”! Today we spun like a Ladybug , hopped like a Grasshopper, floated like a Butterfly, and marched like an Ant! 🐞 🦋🐜
Gross motor movement activities are so important for our young learners!
This is the time of year we start missing them the most❤️ We see them getting  their wings, and showing us they are ready to fly! This group is forming letters and identifying letter sounds during BTT, and working so independently on their letter pages! 
Media with Mrs. Hoglund! Our story from last week, Friendshapes, had preschoolers creating their character using our 4 basic shapes! We enjoyed listening to StoryBots circle and square video, too! 
Media with Mrs. Hoglund! 
We enjoyed listening to Triangle, by Mac Barnett today! Preschoolers counted sides, corners, and compared shapes during our math talk! Preschoolers watched a special StoryBots video about triangles, and learned a song about triangles!