Peek at Our Week January 22 - January 25, 2019

PreK 3

Religion - God Made Me Active: “I Can Play”. The children will know that God wants them to be happy. They will enjoy playing.

Social Studies - Classroom community development. Sharing materials and respecting others.

Media - Ahoy, Bookaneer Book Fair!

Language/Literacy - Shared reading experiences to provide supportive conversations. Building listening skills during small/large group instruction. Letters in our name.

Math - Sorting by single attribute. One to one correspondence. Focus on common shapes.

PreK 4

Religion - God Made Me Unique. Children will realize that God creates each of us special. They will appreciate all our wonderful characteristics that make each of us different. Seeds: Jesus cares about families. The children will recognize that weddings are celebrations of family. They will recognize that Jesus cares about families. The children will recognize the importance of families spending time together.

Art with Mr. Grubb - Layla’s Dad will lead preschoolers in a directed drawing activity of Mickey Mouse! Directed drawings provide children with practice in following directions and paying attention to details. Directed drawings also help build confidence in our preschooler's abilities! We look forward to him sharing his talent with our class!

Science - Hot/Cold. “How does temperature affect snow?” Thermometer - use of weather tools for measuring hot/cold. Categorizing weather activities. Experiment: snowman melt.

STEAM - Snowball Shooters. The children will be involved in construction of a tool, using common household materials, that can propel pom-poms. Force & Motion: exploring concepts in  physics - gravity, energy, and principles of angle, trajectory, and velocity.

OWL - Review. Phonemic awareness: identifying beginning sounds, counting syllables. Alphabet knowledge: writing letters, identifying upper-lowercase letters. Comprehension: use of positional words  Graphic organizer: using a T-graph, ba graph, and pie chart to collect and organize data. Activities to help develop listening skills: 2-3 step directions, Listen & Do, directed draw.

Math - Number and operations: use concrete models for adding up to 5 objects. Compare numbers in sets. Use of measuring tools. Recognizing/naming numbers 1-10.

Developmental Skills Group (Pre-K) with Monica Goldberg MOT, OTR/L


   Media - Ahoy, Bookaneer Book Fair!

   Gym with Ms. Nash’s Class


Exploring Forces & Motion: Simple Machines - Simple machines provide us with unique opportunities to promote children’s understanding of STEM concepts. Preschoolers will be involved in this hands-on exploration of simple machines, such as inclined planes, levers, wedges, and pendulums. They will learn that simple machines help us do a job easier. Preschoolers will investigate and describe or demonstrate various ways that objects can move. They will explore and describe various actions that can change an object’s motion such as pulling, pushing, twisting, rolling. They will experiment with forces such as push & pull and gravity using fun materials! The children will be introduced to new vocabulary including: force, energy, fulcrum.