Peek at Our Week May 20 - May 24, 2019

PreK 3

Religion - Special Lesson 10 - Special Seasons and Days: Father’s Day. God gave us fathers. The children will appreciate what their fathers do for them. They will know that god loves them like a good father. The children will identify Joseph as the man who was like a father to Jesus.

Social Studies - Exploring our outdoor environment: sounds and smells of nature.

Language Literacy - Focused Letter Study: Yy..

Math - Counting to 10. Numbers 1-5.

PreK 4

Religion - Special Seasons and Days - Special Lesson 10: Father’s Day. God gave us fathers. The children will know that God gave them fathers. They will appreciate what their fathers do for them. The children will show love for their fathers.

Social Studies - Scholastic My BIG World: “Here comes the sunflower!”: • Science Focus: plant life cycle • Movement: dramatizing • Vocabulary Theme Words: sunflower, seed, soil, sprouts, roots, stem, bud, flower • Science: plant part vocabulary

Science - Seed to Sprout: “How does a plant grow?”   Children will be involved in labeling parts of a plant, sequencing plant life cycle, planting beans, estimating number of days before sprouts appear, learning the needs of a plant. Shadow Makers. Using light source to create shadows.

OWL - Unit 6 Week 3: From Season to Season . “What changes in each season?” Phonological awareness: segment phonemes, identify ending sounds, identify words that do and do not end with same final sound. Alphabet knowledge:recognize and produce letter sounds, same/different ending sounds. Concepts of print. Oral language: What’s My Word?, label and categorize words, demonstrate understanding of words, retell a story. Comprehension: respond appropriately, answer questions about a book, draw conclusions, demonstrate understanding of words, compare/contrast books. Concept words: cold, fall, spring, summer warm, winter. Amazing words: bud, boil, chilly, next, perfect, tip. Focused Letter Study: Yy..

Math  - Geometry: comparing/moving shapes, name common shapes, create a picture graph. Numbers & Operations: counting to 20, making 10, writing our numbers, comparing numbers.


Music & Movement w/ Mrs. Schneider. Exploring musical and movement concepts.

Music w/ Mr. Showstead.

Media with Mrs. Hoglund



Media with Mrs. Hoglund

Gym with Ms. Nash’s Class

World Travelers - Summer at the Beach!! Ahoy, Maties! Get ready to hit the high seas for adventure during our May month-long study of all things OCEAN!  Our seafarers will be introduced to concepts and features of the beach and ocean, including properties of salt water. Preschoolers will be introduced to new vocabulary such as fluke, anemone, and tide. They will  identify and classify sea animals. We will integrate skills such as addition, by playing the fun game, “Get on My Boat”! Computer-less coding; Making their own treasure map, preschoolers will use block coding to find their way to the treasure!!  This will be a fun, hands-on activity to help introduce the children to the basic concept of computer coding.