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Welcome to Little Knights Preschool


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 "Called to Discipleship:  Be Christ's Light!"


Welcome to Preschool at St. Joseph Catholic School! 

I am so excited to be your child’s preschool teacher this year!

This is my third year at St. Joseph Catholic School and I am looking

forward to helping your child grow, and learn,

and have fun this year.

I have been a preschool teacher in Libertyville for the past 20 years,

and am passionate about helping young children learn.

I believe children learn best with hands-on experiences and

help facilitate their many different learning styles

in a kind and nurturing setting.

We will have an amazing year together meeting new friends, sharing new

discoveries, and learning new skills everyday.

Our instructional aide, Mrs.Tina Truskowski, has much experience in the classroom

after being a aide at St. Joseph Catholic School for 14 years!

Together, we help build positive relationships with children to help foster

growth and confidence in a caring classroom community.

We are both looking forward to sharing a wonderful year with your child.


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and videos of our classroom!!


Welcome to our bunch!





Recent Posts

Preschool+Plus Storytime STEM
”The Three Little Pigs”
Our 3 Little Pigs Construction Company practiced their skills with real tools and building materials today! Awesome opportunity for fine motor development and fun! 
Another version of our special tale was written by Bernadette, an amazing illustrator from England! The amazing details and adorable animals had us more focused on the pictures rather than the story! This was a good selection to compare and contrast with Tuesday’s read! Preschoolers then broke into 3 groups: straws, sticks, and bricks! Their challenge was to construct a home for their Little Pig that could withstand the Big Bad Wolf🐺 ! Drinking straws and Play-Do proved to be difficult to build into a sturdy structure. Substituting gumdrops for Play-Do helped a bit. But this was a perfect opportunity to problem solve and discuss what we would do differently next time!
The “sticks” group used toothpicks and gumdrops to build a home for their Little Pig! 
The “bricks” group used Duplo blocks to construct a house for their Little Pig!
Testing out structures! Preschoolers loved retelling this special part of our fairy tale as the Big Bad Wolf (cleverly disguised as my blow dryer) tried to huff & puff our houses down!! All but one Little Pig’s house withstood the huffing & puffing!!!! Amazing engineering!!
Music with Mr. Showstead 🎶 
Today we listened to beats on Mr, Showstead’s metal drum, and them copied the tempo with our feet! Preschoolers then each got a take a turn at drumming out a tempo 🥁
Our weather poem (actually a song since we sing it!) reminds us of all the different kinds of weather we have in Libertyville! Preschoolers are keeping tallies of each day’s weather! Today we highlighted the letter ‘s’ in our poem! 
Falasiko stopped by to congratulate this amazing group of preschoolers who brainstormed 102 Letter ‘S’ words for our Word Wall👏🏼🎉👏🏼 Pat them on the back, give them a round of applause, and beep their horn! Woo-hoo!
Preschool +Plus Storytime Stem: “Three Little Pigs”
We began our day talking about this classic fairy tale, and asking questions such as have you read it, or what do you remember about it? They retold the story very well! We then read a rhyming selection of the same tale! Preschoolers brainstormed materials they could use to build a house: glass, metal, logs... We then created our own 3 Little Pigs Construction Company, complete with tool belts and construction hats! Our first job will be to make blueprints of our own house design! On Thursday we look forward to constructing and testing a 3-d structure!
Our builders made blueprints of their own house designs with 2-d flat shapes! They then counted and recorded how many of each shape they used in their design!
During Media, Mrs. Hoglund loved visiting Ireland with us! She showed us a performance of Irish step dancing, that had preschoolers enthralled! We watched and listened to three Irish instruments: the harp, the bodrhan (drum), and uileaan (bagpipe played with the elbows, no mouth). Mrs. Hoglund began our visit today with a special prayer in honor of St. Joseph Day.