Peek at our Week January 15 – January 19, 2018

Religion Objectives:  

God Made Color.  The children will realize that God designed the world full of color, appreciate the many colors in our world and understand that various colors can mean different things. 

Seeds – Jesus says “Come and listen”.  The children will develop a greater awareness of their sense of hearing and listen for sounds and identify them.  The children will recognize Jesus calls us.  The children will also appreciate church sounds. 

Science Objectives:   

Growing our very own snowflakes that are beautiful and unique as one we can capture falling from the sky. It won’t melt and involves fun, hands on chemistry!                                                                                                        

My Big World – Waddle like a Penguin! If you were an Emperor penguin, we learn about this magnificent bird.  Clifford’s Big Word: habitat.

 The children will try to walk like the daddy penguin with an egg (beanie baby).  We will also see if we are taller than an Emperor penguin.  We will also play in a penguin environment at our sensory table. How do penguins stay dry? 

Social Studies: 

The children will learn about the social life of a penguin.  Are we similar to penguins in our behaviors? 

Discussion in how snowflakes mimic our society.  Each snowflake is unique just like the student that made it. 

Literacy Objectives: 

Completion of Unit 4 – Week 1 – Welcome to the Farm – What is a farm?   Letter K and L for our alphabet books. Matching beginning letter sounds G through L.  Phonemic Awareness games: chopping words into phonemes, changing beginning sounds to create new words, putting together phonemes, and counting words in sentences.


Math Objectives: 

Penguin patterning: recognizing, creating and extending patterns. Winter patterning. Which picture is different? Counting and pasting number 6 through 10 with the correct group. 

Afternoon Enrichment: 

Monday: No school. Have a wonderful and safe day!

Tuesday: IXL Math and Storyline Online.

Wednesday: Afternoon Gym and Media CAPE with Mrs. Beyer’s class. 

Thursday: Continuation of our Jan Brett author study.  Comparing similarities and differences using a Venn diagram for The Mitten and The Hat.  How many preschoolers fit in a hat? 

Friday:  STEAM – Design and build your own igloo!

Mindfulness and Movement provides children with the opportunity to work on balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and spatial awareness through imaginative play, games, and exercises. Children will learn mindfulness skills for emotional regulation and cognitive focus all while developing their fine and gross motor skills. Creative movement activities will include aerobics, balance, dance, stretching, and strengthening. Children will also learn all about healthy nutrition and exercise while we play!