Peek At Our Week December 10 – December 14, 2018

Religion Objectives:  

Seeds Lesson – All Creation is ready for Jesus.  The Children will recognize how they prepare to celebrate Christmas.  The children will understand that the world is ready and waiting for the birth of Jesus.  The children will praise God for the wonders of the natural world and for the people in it and name the things God made in the world.

God Made the Earth: God Made Air – The children will know what air does for us and appreciate the gift of air.  The children will associate air with God and God’s life. 

Literacy Objectives: 

OWL – Unit 3- Week 2.  What do workers in our community do?   Learn new concept words: bus driver, doctor, job, mail carrier, police officer and teacher.  Learn amazing words: alarm, emergency, firefighter, equipment, report and train. Same and different sounds, letter naming, matching upper and lowercase letters, saying letter sounds, what is my word, segment onsets and rimes, and deleting syllables.  The children will also practice identifying rhyming words from a set of three, identify onsets, join syllables to form words and identify the ending sounds in our classmates’ names.  Focus on our letter of the week Ll and identifying it in our environment. Find and color rhyming words. 

Math Objectives: 

Name common solid shapes and their attributes. Nonstandard measurement.  One-to-one-correspondence counting.  Recognizing ten frame representation of numbers 1 through 10.  Ordering numbers 1 – 10. 

Science Objectives:  

We all know Santa loves his milk and cookies and of course he would have to have magic milk for Christmas!  The chemistry of the dish soap and the fat of the milk is what makes the magic happen. While some of the dish soap’s properties dissolve in the water, the other properties search out the fat of the milk. 

Social Studies Objectives:   

Use language to tell about an experience. Identify good habits of nutrition. Describe properties of common ingredients and objects. What does it mean to be a consumer? 

Afternoon Enrichment: 

Monday: Our Little Knights will continue their travel in Italy!  We will compare Santa Claus with Old Befana who comes to the children on the Epiphany.  We will read La Befana: An Italian Night After Christmas by Sunday Frey-Blanchard and watch the video of Tomie De Paola's version of The Old Befana.  The children will make their own Old Befana so they can share the legend with their families. We will enjoy a Christmas treat from Italy - Panettone and bubbly Pellegrino!  

Tuesday: IXL Math and Storyline Online.

Wednesday: Afternoon Gym with Mrs. Beyer’s class. Number 12 exploration – forming the number correctly, the letters in its name, identifying the number 12 and counting to 12.  The children will graph and count the room Gingerbread Man.

Thursday: We continue our exploration of a Gingerbread Boy stories.  We will read about Gingerbread Man: Loose in the School by author Laura Murray.  The children will make their own gingerbread boy cookie and engineer a home using gumdrops and toothpicks.

Friday:  STEAM - We will make our Gingerbread Playdoh.  The children will listen to and follow the recipe directions, measure the ingredients and use their fine motor skills to create this fragrant no-cook playdoh to take home.  Music class with Mr. Showstead.