Week at a Glance January 9 – January 13, 2017

 Religion Objectives:  

God Made the Earth - God Made Weather.  The children will know that God made weather, understand that weather is both good and necessary.  We will also thank God for weather. 

Seeds – Jesus is Born – Mary, Mother of God.  The children will share their Christmas memories.  They will complete figures for a nativity scene.  They will learn to tell the story of Jesus’ birth using their nativity scene figures. 

Science Objectives:    

Melting race – we will experiment melting ice around our classroom and predict which place will melt the ice first and why.  Sneezy the Snowman – what happens when a snowman melts.

Observe and describe what happens during changes in the earth.  Identify healthy foods.  Describe characteristics of animals. 

Snow baby!  We will learn about the harp seal pup and other artic babies. 

Social Studies: 

The children will demonstrate that people need clothing. Discuss producing and selling. 

Literacy Objectives: 

Unit 4 – Week 1 – Welcome to the Farm – What is a farm?  Learn new concept words: animal, barn, farmer, food, land, and plant.  Learn amazing words: turkey, wagon, pen, wool, gate, and yard.  Listen to beginning sounds, uppercase/lowercase alphabet knowledge, name it/find it letters, same sound, lost letters, and tracing letters in air. Our featured story is Farm.  Focus on our letter of the week Ll and identifying it in our environment. Identify the beginning sound of pictures and cut/paste to the correct letter Aa through Rr.  Using literary creativity by describing why our snowman melted. 

Math Objectives: 

Counting 5, ways to make 5, and making smaller sets from 5. 

Afternoon Enrichment:

Jan Brett author study.  Exploring   Comparing similarities and differences using a Venn diagram for The Mitten and The Hat.  Sequencing and story retelling.  How many preschoolers fit in a mitten?  Nonstandard measurement - how many mittens tall am I?