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Welcome to Little Knights Preschool

 at St. Joseph Catholic School!

Called to Discipleship: Be Christ’s Light



I am excited to be a part of the St. Joseph Catholic School community as the new full day preschool teacher working with four year olds. I look forward to being a part of such a positive and caring academic community where body, mind and spirit are nurtured and developed.
Although I earned my education degree in Ohio, I have been a preschool teacher in Libertyville for the last 15 years. I love teaching preschool children and seeing the world through their eyes. I believe a warm and loving environment both encourages children to learn as well as helps them gain self-confidence. I am a strong believer in learning through play as well as hands on learning to help foster a child’s creativity and development. I look forward to a positive, loving, and wonderful year with your child!




Jefferson used our dinosaur encyclopedia to find the names for the dinosaurs. This one is the brachiosaurus!
We enjoyed Harold's Fairy Tale by Crockett Johnson and then we made our own purple crayon creations!
We made strawberry lemonade in class today.  We counted and measured the ingredients.  After tasting, we graphed.  We loved our yummy drink! 
William and Nico drew beautiful numbers on the chalk board together today!  Friends at work and play!
This afternoon, we read and discussed Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson.  How fun it was to journal with our very own purple crayon and see where it took us!
Mrs. Schiff's daughter, Olivia, was the prayer leader today! We loved hearing her beautiful voice over the speaker this morning!

Week at a Glance September 26 – September 30, 2016

Religion Objectives:  

“God Made My Church Family”. The children will identify the Church as God’s family, know that they belong to the Church and love Mary as Jesus’ mother and theirs. 

Science Objectives:  

PreK4 will explore the sense of taste.  We will measure, make and taste strawberry lemonade.  We will graph if we like or do not like strawberry lemonade.  We will also explore the sense of taste with a taste bud test.  We will graph which item we liked the best. 

Social Studies Objectives: 

The children will identify good habits of nutrition.  We will use language skills to compare and contrast characteristics of families.  We will use voting as a group decision making tool, discuss safety at home and demonstrate that all people need shelter. 

Literacy Objectives: 

Unit 2 – Week 1 - “Meet My Family – Who is in our families?” Concept words brother, family, father, grandparent, mother, and sister. Amazing words busy, messy, hush, neat, freeze, and sticky.  We will focus on the letter Dd.  Clap the syllables your name. Break words into syllables.  Big and Little letter review. If your name game. Identify letters in our names. Combine words.   Identify food groups. Identify the people in our family. Everyone has a home and safety at home. 

Math Objectives:

Subitizing concept - identifying verbally, without counting a number of objects in a set 0 to 5.  Similar and different.  Comparing to 4.



Father Joe came in for a surprise visit. He taught our Preschoolers all about where seeds come from. He used the example of a tomato and how it's seeds are inside. We learned about how we plant the seeds in dirt and take care of it by watering. He also sang us "Guardian Angel" song. What a special way to start the day!
Happy Birthday Lola! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Graham for the yummy treats and story!  Welcome Daniel too!
At 9:21 a.m. this morning, PreK4 welcomed Fall!  We set our alarm and were so excited to experience the change of seasons right here in our classroom!
We did an amazing experiment that explored our primary colors!  We learned that if we mix certain ones together we will make our secondary colors.  The children helped count the drops of food coloring we added (25 each color!).  We watched in awe as the paper towels absorb the color.  The colors will mix together into the clear water to create the new colors!  The children predicted what colors will be created.  We cannot wait to see if they are correct!

Week at a Glance September 19 – September 23, 2016

Religion Objectives:  

“God Made My Helpers”.  The children will realize how others help them and appreciate the help of others.  They will also see Jesus as a helpful person.  Our first Seeds Lesson is “We follow Jesus”. 

Science Objectives: 

Exploring primary colors and creating secondary colors.  Color mixing fun with crawling colors! 

Literacy Objectives: 

OWL – PreK4 - Unit 1 – Week 4 - “Friends Working and Playing Together – How do friends get along together?” Concept words afraid, happy, mad, mean, nice and sad. Amazing words business, brave, rescue, accident, apologize, and argue.  We will focus on the letter Cc.     Make it; break it with syllable segmentation of words as well as blending of syllables.  Identifying uppercase letters and differentiate between big and little letters.  We will talk about places at school.  Letter of the Week: Cc. 

Math Objectives: 

Data analysis – sort objects and describe how the groups are similar and different. Using verbal ordinal terms. 

Afternoon Enrichment:

Letter exploration of our names.  Counting animals.  Acting out The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Letter Cc of our Alphabet Book. IXL Math.