Week at a Glance February 20 – February 24, 2017

Religion Objectives:  

God Made Birds - The children know that God made the birds, realize that God cares for all creation and believe that God takes care of them. 

Seeds – Jesus teaches us to love and forgive.  The children will explore how friends treat each other and that being friends with God means they must forgive others. 

Science Objectives: 

Plaque Attack!  It is Dental Health Month! We will see what sugar can do to our teeth in an exciting experiment.  We will learn how are teeth are different from a crocodile’s teeth! 

We will compare characteristics of living and non-living things.  We will recognize, observe and discuss the relationship between organisms and their environment. We will observe and describe what happens during changes in the Earth. 

Social Studies: 

We will identify roles in our community.  We will use language to identify and compare feelings. 

Literacy Objectives: 

Unit 5 – Week 2 – What are jungle animals like? Concept words elephant, frog, lion, monkey, parrot and zebra. Amazing words chase, collect, complain, mistake, pattern and splash.  Make it/break it onset and rime. Create words by adding beginning sounds to rimes. Count words in sentences. Letter naming. What is that letter sound? What’s my word? Differentiate between upper and lower case letters. 

Math Objectives: 

Create, extend and recognize patterns using sounds, colors, and people. Identify color words – yellow, orange, red and green.  Short vs. tall. Same vs. different. Hot vs. cold. Count and write our numbers.  Identify different forms of a number:  tally marks, dots and number recognition.

Afternoon Enrichment:

We will learn about our President’s with a focus on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  We will explore what we would do if we lived in the White House.  We will learn all about our American flag and its history.