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I’m Mrs. Sharon Shute and this is my 15th year here at St. Joseph School! I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher this year and so excited to be leading them on their journey of wonder and wisdom. A bit of background about myself- I have been an early childhood educator for 32 years beginning as a preschool teacher in Chicago. My love of children grew and so did my education! I began teaching Montessori preschool and then went to school and earned an Early Childhood Degree from Kendall College (then in Evanston)with a minor in Psychology. I have been very fortunate to teach in two Catholic schools in Chicago before coming to St. Joe's. I have brought the spirit of my Chicago experiences to this vibrant, thriving, and flourishing school and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity of working at such a wonderful school. I have been nominated for The Golden Apple Award from my work here at St. Joe's and at St. Stanislaus in Chicago.
After teaching 1st Grade for 20 years, I have decided to try a new grade... and I am over the moon thrilled! Lots of new things this year: Chromebooks, Media class with Mrs. Hoglund and Spanish class with Mrs. Guitierrez, and team building activities every Friday. So excited to journey into Third Grade with such caring and kind parents and students. Thank you for letting your child be a part of our school family.
Please feel free to email me through the website or at [email protected]. Also, feel free to contact me regarding any questions or concerns that arise throughout the school year. 
This school year, our class will consist of: Reading, Math, Language Arts, Religion, Social Studies, and Science. I will be teaching Social Studies to both 3rd grade classes. Miss Kaitson will be teaching Science to both classes. We switch three times a week. 
I feel so blessed to be piloting have flex seating in my third grade class this year. Thanks to a wonderful parent for donating all our flex furniture and making this new venture possible. 
I feel so honored and blessed to be a part of your child's journey this year! 
Most Sincerely,
Mrs. Sharon Shute
We are going peanut free in the classroom. Please read for snack: Thanks!

Our aim is to provide a safe learning environment for all people in our school Community. To support this, SJCS is designating your child’s classroom as “nut-free”. This policy aims to increase our community awareness in order to minimize the risk for children with documented allergies to nut products. Our school has developed and will maintain a whole-school action and implementation plan when dealing with students who have critically life-threatening allergies.  

WHY? Anaphylaxis is a severe form of allergic reaction which is potentially life-threatening. It can be fatal within minutes; either through swelling that shuts off airways or through a dramatic drop in blood pressure. There are many causative agents for anaphylaxis with nuts often being the precipitative factor.  Anaphylaxis is preventable.  Avoidance of specific triggers is by far the best option. Management is via immediate injection of epinephrine and emergency transport to the hospital. 

Allergy to peanuts appears to be on the rise in children. According to a FARE-funded study, the number of children in the U.S. with peanut allergy more than tripled between 1997 and 2008. Studies in the United Kingdom and Canada also showed a high prevalence of peanut allergy in school children.  

Based on recent studies, an estimated 25-40 percent of people who have peanut allergy are also allergic to tree nuts. In addition, peanuts and tree nuts often come into contact with one another during manufacturing and serving processes. For these reasons, allergists usually tell their patients with peanut allergy to avoid tree nuts as well.  

Trace amounts of peanut can cause an allergic reaction. Casual contact with peanuts, such as touching peanuts or peanut butter residue, is less likely to trigger a severe reaction. Casual contact becomes a concern if the area that comes into contact with peanuts then comes into contact with the eyes, nose or mouth (for example, a child with peanut allergy gets peanut butter on her fingers, and then rubs her eyes).  

What does this mean for me?  

  • Your child’s classroom will remain a “peanut/nut-free zone.”  Please do not send in any food items to be consumed in the classroom that contains peanuts, nuts, peanut butter, nut butters, or peanut products. 
    • This includes almonds, filberts, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nut, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, and walnuts.
    • Read labels carefully to make sure the products are nut free.  
    • This includes labels that read “May contain traces of peanuts/nuts” or “processed in a facility that processes products that contain peanuts/nuts.”  Food labels and ingredients change over time, so always read the label each time before purchasing snacks. 
    • NO HOMEMADE TREATS MAY BE BROUGHT INTO THE CLASSROOM. All treats/snacks brought to the classroom must have an ingredient label.

  • A peanut free table will be designated in the lunch room for all students with peanut/nut allergies.  
  • Peanut butter and peanut/nut products may be packed in your child’s lunch, but CANNOT be eaten in the classroom, or at the peanut/nut free lunch table.  

Thank you for your continued support with keeping our students safe.

Mrs. Wegener        


Week at a Glance: August 29-September 2, 2022

Third Grade highlights of the week:

  • Reading- Begin our reading unit with a traditional tale
  • Spelling- Check out the spelling words below to prepare for Friday’s test.
  • Begin all special this week!
  • Chromebooks distributed on Monday-
  • Science- We will switch classes for Science this week w/ Ms. Kaitson! 
  • Social Studies- Preview the Social Studies book
  • Religion- Mass on Tuesday at 8:30

Spelling Words for the week:

Basket,subject, lesson, traffic, mustard, compact, absent, cosmic, disgust, fantastic

Developmental Vocabulary: fierce, baring, flexing, crouching, swipe

Unit Academic Vocabulary: competition, solve, custom, occasion, organization

HIgh-Frequency Words: table, north-

Reading: Question of the Unit- How does our environment affect us?

Weekly Question: How do people travel in different environments?

Learning Goals for the Week:

  1. I can learn more about traditional tales and analyze plot and setting in a traditional tale.
  2. I can develop knowledge about language to make connections between reading and writing.
  3. I can use elements of text to write a personal narrative.
  4. Describe how the author’s use of imagery, literal, and figurative language such as simile, and sound devices such as onomatopoeia, achieves specific purposes.
  5. Use text evidence to support appropriate responses.
  6. Analyze plot elements, including sequence of events, the conflict, and the resolution.

Word Study:

  1. Demonstrate and apply phonetic knowledge by decoding words using knowledge of syllable division patterns such as VCCV, VCV, VCCCV with accent shifts.
  2. Words Their Way Phonics test will be administered this week- after testing, students will be put into small groups and work on word sorts to build up phonological awareness.

Daily Writing with creative journals and writing workshop with reading book-

Math: Chapter 1 Place Value

Developmental Language: digit, standard form, expanded form, place value, word form, is equal to, is greater than, is less than, 

Monday- Lesson 1- Place Value through the thousands- Students will read, write, and identify the place value of whole numbers through thousands.

Tuesday- Lesson 2- Compare Numbers-Students will use place value to compare numbers

Wednesday- Lesson 3- Order Numbers- Students will use a number line and place value to order numbers through thousands.

Thursday- Lesson 4- Check My Progress thus far in Chapter 1; Round to the nearest ten- Students will round to the nearest ten.

Homework for math will be done in class unless time doesn’t allow- 

Friday will be math centers with activities to review and reinforce skills learned this week.

Social Studies: Look through Social Studies book- Preview what we’ll be learning about this year. Our first Chapter matches our reading books’s first chapter- The Environment

Learning Objectives:

  1. Use prior knowledge to gain understanding.
  2. Make meaning to personal experiences.
  3. Establish meaning.

Big question: How do we interact with our planet? Quest 1 Explore a National Park with a small group research project.

Next week- we will switch twice a week for science and social studies. This week we will switch once so students can feel comfortable switching classrooms.

Religion: Here is the link for this week’s video

Unit 1 Focuses on God as our Creator and Father

Saint: Saint Ignatious of Loyola

Session 1- Created to Be Happy- God wants us to know him.

---God is reflected in all of creation. God created the world as the beginning of the story of his pure and holy love. Everything has come from and returns to God. We learn about the true nature of God by reading the Bible. We love God above all things.

Daily prayers, devotions, intentions, and songs.

-Mass on Tuesday at 8:30-






Homework for Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Homework for Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Math- Study guide for tomorrow's math test- please complete both sides.
Spelling- Put spelling words in ABC order-
Tomorrow- we write out letters to Mayor Johnson. Students filled out the organizers in their groups and did a fantastic job!
Have a lovely evening,
With Gratitude,
Mrs. Sharon Shute

Homework for Tuesday, 10/4/22

Homework for Tuesday, 10/4/22
Math practice test- front and back- We have our math test on Thursday and we are busy practicing learned skills before the test. Any assistance if help is needed would be appreciated.
Also, spelling sentence writing.
Tomorrow the Park Safety Inspectors (according to Alexa) will make a final trip to the playground to inspect for field research. Then, they will fill out an organizer to prepare for the final piece- writing a letter to the Mayor of Libertyville with suggestions to make the park safer. Fun stuff!
Have a wonderful day,
With Gratitude,
Mrs. Sharon Shute

Homework for Monday, 10/3/22

Homework for Monday, 10/3/22
Write review spelling words worksheet-
Please complete new SeeSaw lessons- and if you have older ones, please try to finish one extra every night. Thanks! I appreciate all your work.
Tomorrow, we split into groups and go to the playground for field research to see if there should be safey improvements for our Week 6 Reading Project.
In math- lots of review of Addition Chapter 2 for our upcoming math test.
Also, Mass with buddies tomorrow morning.
Have a lovely evening,
With Gratitude,
Mrs. Sharon Shute

Week at a Glance: October 3-7, 2022

Week at a Glance: October 3-7, 2022

Highlights of the Week: 

  • Monday- $1 Dress down day for Hurricane Ian relief fund
  • Tuesday- 8:30 Mass with Buddies
  • Wednesday- No bus day
  • Thursday- Lockdown w/out police
  • Friday- Carmel Co-Choir Performance at 9:30

Also: Academic Highlights of the week:

  • Reading- Week 6 Unit 1, last week of Unit 1, will be a review of the past 5 weeks in reading and writing. Spelling words will be a review of past weeks in Unit 1
  • Math- Completion of Chapter 2 (Addition Strategies) in Unit 1
  • Social Studies- Room 14 begins research in groups on National Parks; Room 13- Our class will complete all five National Parks
  • Religion- We begin Session 2 in Unit 1- Created to be Together

Spelling Words (a review of past words)-

fantastic, lesson, absent, families, glasses, pennies, beginning, dragging, carried, easier, dream, shadow, maintain ---13 words this week but no bonus since this is a review week.

Reading: Unit 1 Week 6

Monday- Lesson 1- Compare across texts; Answer the inquiry question:

  • Introduce Inquiry project
  • Read “What Makes a Playground Safe?”
  • Build Background

Tuesday- Lesson 2- Explore and Plan

  • Argumentative writing
  • Read: “Getting Outside”
  • Apply characteristics of text
    • Conduct field research
    • Apply field research

Wednesday- Lesson 3- Collaborate and Discuss

  • Analyze a Student Model
  • Identify features of argumentative texts
    • Identify Primary and Secondary Sources
    • Read “Discovering Great Smoky Mountain National Park”
    • Apply primary and secondary research sources to article

Thursday- Lesson 4- Extend Research:

  • Analyze structure of a thank you note
  • Incorporate plans to write a thank you letter
    • Collaborate and Discuss
    • Revise, Edit: Adding Details
    • Peer review letters

Friday- Lesson 5- Celebrate and Reflect

  • Present your letters; Reflect on project
    • Reflect on your goals, reading, and writing

Friday- Reading Test- Unit 1

Math: Continuing and Completion of Chapter 2 Addition Strategies:

Monday- Fluency Practice with addition regrouping

Tuesday- Review for test in book

Wednesday- Further Review of Chapter 2 completed independently

Thursday- Chapter 2 Assessment

Vocabulary words to know:

Associative property of addition, estimate,parenthesis, regroup, bar diagram, Identity property, pattern, unknown, Commutative Property, mental math, reasonable

Social Studies:

Room 14 will begin researching, in their small group, a given National Park for the purpose of presenting information for tourists (my class) as we set up our own National Park Tourism Center. 

Room 13 will complete the National Parks packet this week. They will visit Room 14’s Tourism Center this week and begin their research next week. 

Religion: Begin Session 2 Unit 1- Created To Be Together

The Trinity is a communion of God’s love. Jesus came to tell us of God’s love. The Holy Spirit helps us show God’s love to others. Those who love God and their neighbor will live happily with God forever.

Session Theme: The love of our Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit is the source of the love we have for one another. 

Session Outcomes:

  • State Paul’s message about mutual charity in children’s own words.
  • Explain that we adore and glorify the Holy Trinity when we pray the Sign of the Cross.
  • Explain that by loving others we spread God’s love in the world.
  • Define Sign of the Cross

Tuesday- 8:30 Mass w/buddies

Daily songs, prayers, intentions, and devotions

Homework for Thursday, 9/29/22

Homework for 9/29/22
Spelling words practice- write spelling words 5 times.
We took a practice test w/ the spelling words and our friends did fantastic.
---Fun Friday- Make a Halloween mural- a mix of teamwork, creativity, and fun!
Also, 3rd time is a charm for Athena/ Myths! Finish up the reading story for the week, Religion and Social Studies- A tour of National Parks.
Have a lovely day!
With Gratitude,
Mrs. Shute

Homework for Wednesday, 9/28/22

Homework for Wednesday, 9/28/22
Spelling Homework- Make sentences with spelling words-
We didn't get to Athena today so tomorrow is a new day! The time slips aways so fast! 
Library Day tomorrow- Please bring back library books. It is also gym day.
We'll write personal narratives tomorrow about a special summer memory.
Have a lovely afternoon,
With Gratittude,
Mrs. Shute

Homework for Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Homework for Tuesday, 9/27/22
Spelling words- put words in ABC order
Thanks to Anthony for doing a great job reading an intention for our grade at the service today!
A flyer will go out tomorrow reminding everyone about Thursday's special food pantry collection. 
We read our first Myth today- mixed reactions from the class. Tomorrow, we dive into Athena the Greek Goddess of Courage
Have a wonderful evening!
With Gratitude,
Mrs. Shute

Homework for Monday, 9/26/22

Homework for Monday, 9/26/22
Spelling Words homework practice writing words-
SeeSaw activities- please do a couple a night- thanks!
Science h/w- Use the study guide to answer questions that will be on Science test tomorrow.
12:30 Euchrisitic Adoration
Have a lovely evening!
Mrs. Shute

Homework for Wednesday, September 22, 2022

Homework for Wednesday, September 22, 2022
Write spelling word sentences to practice for Friday's spelling test.
We didn't get to finish math today so we'll complete today's lesson about estimating sums and begin tomorrow's lesson.
Students brought home their Science folder to share their work with you and to practice the vocabulary words for an upcoming test. Please return both folders tomorrow.
Thanks and have a lovely day!
Mrs. Shute

Homework for Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Homework for Tuesday, 9/20/22
--Spelling- put spelling words in ABC order to practice for Friday's spelling test-
--SEESAW- there are SeeSaw assignments to complete also. Please have your child complete 2 activities. 
Tomorrow is Art Class and Science- Ms. Kaitson is sending home vocabulary words to work on today and tomorrow.
Scholastic Book Orders due Thursday- if interested!
Thanks so much and have a lovely evening!
Mrs. Shute

Homework for Monday, September 19, 2022

Homework for Monday, 9/19/22
Spelling homework- practice writing spelling words today
Yay! Pixie and Trixie arrived today, thanks Riley family! We got to hold them a bit at the end of the day and it was very sweet. Trixie is simply a resting, take it easy kind of gal, and Pixie is all about being your friend. They are two special piggies! Hopefully, tomorrow we'll have more time to hold them. We are instituting Read to Piggie time. Today, Nellie read her apple story to them while they explored inside our circle.
Very fun!
Have a lovely evening,
Mrs. Shute and the two adorable piggies!

Week at a Glance: September 19-23, 2022

Highlights of the Week:

Reading: Non-Fiction story about the desert

Math- Continue with Addition properties

Social Studies- Regions in the US

Religion- Continuing with making connections with God

Spelling City is back- here is the link for your child to play games with this week’s spelling words


--Book orders due for Scholastic on 9/22- Thursday

--Ms. Han makes her monthly visit debut this Friday morning first period.

--Some students will be completing IReady diagnostic testing this week.

--Thanks to Mrs. Riley for helping us attain our 2 new guinea pigs- Pixie and Trixie- will arrive on Monday. A group of us took lots of time with a group project of putting their crate together. 

Reading: Unit 1 Week 4:

Spelling Words: peaches, owner, charcoal, asleep, dream, braided, maintain, agree, shadow, display- bonus words: freedom, entertain, tomorrow

High Frequency Words: voice, south

Develop Vocabulary Words: shield, lack, exposure, nomadic, landscape

Unit Vocabulary Words: competition, solve, occasion, organization, custom

Learning goals for the week:

  • I can learn more about themes concerning environments by analyzing text features in an informational text.
  • I can develop knowledge about language to make connections between reading and writing.
  • I can use elements of narrative text to write a personal narrative (pn)


  • Use text evidence to support an appropriate response.
  • Interact with sources in  meaningful ways such as: note taking, annotating, freewriting, or illustrating.
  • Identify can compare how people in different communities adapt to or modify the physical environment in which they live such as deserts, mountains, wetlands, and plains.
  • Generate questions about text before, during, and after reading to deepen understanding and gain information. 
  • Make connections to personal experiences, ideas in text, and society.

Math:  Continuing Chapter 2 Unit 1- Addition Properties:

Mathematical Practices:

  • Reason abstractly and quantitatively
  • Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others
  • Model with mathematics
  • Use appropriate tools strategically
  • Lookfor and make use of structure
  • Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning
  • Attend to precision

Math vocabulary: place value, hundreds, tens, ones, estimate, regroup, reasonable

Monday- Lesson 3- Addition Patterns- Students will use place value to identify addition patterns

Tuesday- Lesson 4-Add Mentally- Students will use mental math strategically

Wednesday- Lesson 5- Students will estimate sums using rounding- 

Thursday- Lesson 6-Students will use models to explore adding 3 digit numbers.

Friday- Math games/ centers- student initatied-


Vocabulary words: apostle, Bible, God, creed

Daily prayers, songs, devotions, and intentions-

Mass at 8:30 on Tuesday w/ 7th grade buddies

  • Focus on the Apostles’ Creed video here
  • We can know God through his Creation
  • Living my faith- Faith Summary
  • Assessment on Friday for Session 1

Song link for Religion this week here All You Works of God

Social Studies:

Continuing our Chapter 1- Our Environment

Review Lesson 1 words--Vocabulary words: continents, regions, landforms, climate, affects, vegetation, essential, conserve, develop, adapt

Lesson 2- Weather, Climate, Force of Nature:

Vocabulary Words: weather, climate, elevation, vegetation, ecosystem, affect, structure

Why are some climates always hot? Here is a link to a video from Mystery Science 

  • Recognize that weather and climate vary from place to place.
  • Describe the weather and climate in different regions.
  • Describe how weather and climate affect how and where people, plants, and animals live.
  • Compare and contrast different ecosystems.
  • Identify and describe natural hazards and natural disasters