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I’m Mrs. Sharon Shute and this is my eleventh year here at St. Joseph School! I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher this year, and so excited to be leading them on their journey of wonder and wisdom. A bit of background about myself- I have been an early childhood educator for 2 years beginning as a preschool teacher in Chicago. My love of children grew and so did my education! I began teaching Montessori preschool and then went to school and earned an Early Childhood Degree from Kendall College (then in Evanston)with a minor in Psychology. I have been very fortunate to teach in two Catholic schools in Chicago before coming to St. Joe's. I have brought the spirit of my Chicago experiences to this vibrant, thriving and flourishing school and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity of working at such a wonderful school. I have been nominated for The Golden Apple Award from my work here at St. Joe's and at St. Stanislaus in Chicago.
Please feel free to email me through the website or at Also feel free to leave a note in your child’s folder and we’ll get back to you swiftly.
We are continuing some exciting things this year in First Grade such as switching classes for Science and Social Studies. I will be teaching Social Studies while Miss Klein teaches  Science. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed this, as we both enjoy the subjects we’ll be teaching! I will post updates on some of the neat things we’ll be learning about in Social Studies. We will be traveling to Ireland as well as learning about our United States.
Thanks to my assistant, Mrs. Schiff for all the postings keeping you close by in our educational year together.
Thank you for all your support and kindness. We feel your compassion for a Catholic education for your child and we believe whole heartedly to educate the mind, body and spirit.
With Gratitude,
Mrs. Sharon Shute


Recent Posts

Homework for Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Homework for Tuesday, May 21, 2019

  • Math Lesson 12. 8-Identifying equal and unequal parts (or shapes) in 2D shapes.
  • Study spelling words for Friday’s test
  • Raz Kids due Friday-
  • Field trip forms due- Good news! We have all of our needed volunteers-thanks everyone for helping us out!

If you have any emptied food boxes/ cartons, please send them in for our store. Today we had time to discuss our store, which we are all excited about, and here’s the scoop: above is our “plan” for our store. Today we made our: aisle signs, food section signs, price tags and sale tags. Tomorrow we’ll work on what’s in the blue on our plan above for the opening of the store on Thursday and Friday. I can’t tell you how excited the first graders are for the store. You all are good shoppers and have taught your children the ins and outs of shopping. There’s a request for music playing, sales, microphone for cleanups, and a Starbucks. Lots of planning is going into our opening and I’m giving this to the students to really plan- and they are doing a terrific job!

Tomorrow: Our last IReady Math diagnostic testing! We’ll test right after Library until lunch and continue with workshop activities and store prep.

With Gratitude,

Mrs. Shute, Mrs. Laska and class

Homework for Monday, May 20, 2019

Homework for Monday, May 20, 2019

  • Math Lesson 12. 7- Decompose 2D shapes into parts.
  • Spelling words worksheet- fill in the blanks with the spelling words written neatly.
  • Raz Kids due Friday.
  • Scholastic book orders due online today- thanks so much!
  • Please help our social studies school store by saving any emptied food boxes or cartons for our pretend store opening later this week. THANKS so much to those of you who have already sent in some items. Very much appreciated! Tomorrow, we will plan our store! Today was too busy w/ IReady-

Students took the IReady diagnostic test for Reading today after lunch. I will keep workshop as limited as I can to give students time to complete workshop work during the school day. Some work might get sent home if not completed in allotted time. This will be the same for Wednesday (Math IReady)

With Sincere Gratitude,

Mrs. Shute, Mrs. Laska and Class

Week at a Glance: May 20-24, 2019

Week at a Glance: May 20-24, 2019

Highlights of the week:

  • Our school store opens this week to reinforce social studies vocabulary words. Please send in any empty boxes or plastic containers of cereal, waffles, Pringle’s cans, or any emptied food products for our first store. All items are due on Wednesday. Thanks so much!
  • IReady diagnosting testing takes place on Monday for Reading and Wednesday for Math. This is our final round of testing for first grade.
  • All school Mass on Tuesday with ribbon ceremony for 8th grade following.
  • Thursday 12:30 band concert- all school will attend.
  • Friday Pep Rally- Ice cream party for all students! This is our final treat party for the April and May book club. Good job everyone getting all your projects completed! Students will participate in their game and conclude the day with an ice cream party! Thanks to our room moms for setting this up for us!

Also: Scholastic book order due Monday- thanks for your participation all year! Our classroom library has grown due to your generosity- we are grateful!

Math: Completing our Chapter 12 on 2D Shapes-

  • Lesson 12.7- Decompose 2D shapes into parts
  • Lesson 12.8- Identifying equal and unequal parts (or shapes) in 2D shapes
  • Lesson 12.9- Partition circles and rectangles into 2 equal shares
  • Lesson 12.10- Partition circles and rectangles into 4 equal shares
  • Simple Solutions Math- Monday-Thursday; a spiral review of skills learned
  • Calendar work with counting by 2’s, (odd/even),5’s, 10’s
  • Games on the iPad (IXL)
  • Team in Task math enrichment games/ Math Scoot game


  • Simple Solutions Science-
  • Scholastic News- we completed the Shark edition on Friday and learned different types of sharks and also learned how cartilage plays an important role in their movement and ability to catch prey. This week we’ll discover more about A Trip to the Moon - children will examine the properties of the sun and it’s power.
  • Plants! Our green bean plants have taken off! They will be going home early this week for your to plant in a garden or transplant in a small pot if you wish. Thanks to LHS for your donations! Thanks to all the first graders who really cared for all the plants by daily check-ins and watering the plants daily! Pretty soon, we’ll have a beanstalk in our room!

Language Arts: Spelling, Phonics, Conventions, SeeSaw, Shared Writing

Spelling words: slowly, useful, sadly, wonderful, careful, painful, gladly, quickly, playful, nicely-

Amazing words: discover, resident, admire, substantial, dwell, welcome, sadness, tremendous-

High Frequency Words- across, only, told, because, opened, dance, shoes

Academic Vocabulary: directions, cause, effect, compound words, realistic fiction, alphabetical order, characters, plot, setting, vowel, suffix, poem, rhyming/ rhyming words, rhythm

Selection Vocabulary: gargoyle, heart, shiny, tuxedo, waltz


  • Segment and blend 2 syllables words
  • Segment and blend phonemes
  • Change phonemes
  • Suffixes- /ly/, and /ful/: hopeful, shiny
  • Vowel sound in moon /oo/
  • Decodable readers highlighting skills of the week
  • Build words/ blend and read
  • Review compound words
  • Review digraphs: /ew/, /ue/, /ui/
  • Fluent word reading


Adjectives that compare: Comparative adjectives compare, or show likenesses and differences between two people, animals, places, or things (nouns). Superlative adjectives compare three or more persons, animals, or things. These adjectives usually end with /er/ and /est/

  • Simple Solutions Grammar book: Monday- Thursday:spiral review of skills learned in phonics and grammar.


Monday- Write how to make a gift or plan a fun activity to surprise someone

Tuesday- Henry and Mudge- What costumes would you like to play with?

Wednesday- Henry and Mudge- What treasures can you share with your neighbor?

Thursday- Henry and Mudge- What is your favorite part about Mrs. Hopper?

Friday- Henry and Mudge- What would you change Henry and Mudge into with costumes?

Shared Writing:

Monday- Tuesday- Draft/ Revise a 2nd personal narrative about favorite memories of first grade. The 1st edited version was so good, I thought we should practice another personal narrative utilizing: introduction sentence, topic sentence, 4 “tell me more” sentences and closing sentence.

Wednesday- Friday:Super Kid- We have to interview our final round of kids before school ends.

Reading: Unit 4 Week 6 (Our last week of this unit)

This is the last week of this unit therefore the students will take the unit test on the iPad beginning next week.

Question of the week: What treasures can we share with our neighbor?

Genre: Realistic fiction: Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper’s House/ paired selection; genre: poetry- Poetry in reading

Children will understand that neighbors can share:

  1. Friendship and good times
  2. Pride in their community
  3. Food and other resources

Text based comprehension: cause and effect; predict and set purpose

Literary Text: sensory details

Fluency: expression and intonation

Vocabulary: high Frequency and selection words

Social Studies: First grade will open a school shopping store to practice and put into action our vocabulary words: wants, needs, service, goods, consumer and producer, buying and selling, market, job, choice, exchange and scarce. The students will be discussing: how to run our store, jobs needed, dividing the room into important sections of the store and how the store will run. Thursday and Friday will put all our ideas together to open our store and students will take turns being consumers and producers. Thanks for all your contributions with emptied cartons and boxes to help! I’m thrilled the students are so excited about the store. I want them to manage this as best as they can to feel an intricate part of the store working.

Religion: Session 15- Celebrating Christmas:

We celebrate the birth of Jesus!

  • Explain that Jesus is the Son of God who came to save us.
  • Discuss that we celebrate the birth of Jesus during the Christmas season!
  • Define celebrant, Christmas, and Son of God.
  • The Church recognized Jesus as the true light of the world, who brings us the eternal joy of the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • May songs: Immaculate Mary, Gentle Woman- Holy Woman and other songs devoted to Mary.
  • Daily prayers, devotions and intentions.
  • All School Mass on Tuesday w/ 8th grade ribbon ceremony.

News for the day- 5/17/19

Happy Friday!

Thank so much from the bottom of our hearts for all the donations and thanks so much, Mrs. Actis for those snuggly, cozy blankets for Little Buddies! We have many angels among us!

Congratulations to all the First Graders for a terrific job w/ the Variety Show! Way to go to all our Beatle singers!

Just a reminder: We are still in need of volunteers for the field trip to the Petting Zoo- we need two more volunteers for the trip. Please let me know if you can join us for a fun time enjoying the sunshine and animals. Thanks for all your consideration.

Our Class School Store opens next week: I will send a note home on Monday regarding this, or SeeSaw it to you sooner. If you can save any boxes (cereal, mac/cheese, oatmeal, poptarts, frozen boxed food cartons, etc..l..) please send them in as we are opening our school store to help students learn important vocabulary words for our unit. Thanks so much!

Other reminders: Scholastic book orders due Monday-thanks!

Have a lovely weekend!

With Much Gratitude,

Mrs. Shute, Mrs. Laska and our fabulous school family!

One more thing...

One more thing... please be here by 7:20 so we can leave together to go to the Steam Lab for our final prayer/ song. This will be live streamed so we have to get there a bit early and get situated. 
Thanks so much,
Mrs. Shute

Homework for Thursday, May 16, 2019

Homework for Thursday, May 16, 2019

  • Math Lesson 12.6- Decompose shapes into shapes
  • Spelling Words sentences to practice for tomorrow’s test.
  • Raz Kids due Friday.

Coming Soon: Scholastic book order due on Monday.

Please have your child wear their spirit wear clothes for the Variety Show- spirit wear shirt and black shorts/ pants.Hope you can join us with our Let It Be song- thanks Mrs. Laska for the Fruit of the Holy Spirit signs! We practiced a lot today with Mrs. Showstead.

Thank you for the incredible donation to the Little Buddies Rescue!! I can’t thank you enough for supporting our annual service project. As mentioned previously, I will take photos when we drop off the donation on Memorial Day weekend. You have all touched me so very deeply with your kindness and generosity.

Finally, much thanks to the moms who came in yesterday to celebrate the life of Michelangelo. Thanks to the parents who have helped us all year and thanks for Mrs. Hahn, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Cosentino and Mrs. Hutchinson.

Thanks to Mrs. Plasencia for helping us with our Spanish song today! Everyone did a wonderful job singing the song about having two moms- our mom and Mother Mary.

Our last day of prayer is tomorrow! Thanks to all of you for aiding your child with the prayers!

With Much Gratitude,

Mrs. Shute, Mrs. Laska and Class

Homework for Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Homework for Wednesday, May 15, 2019

  • Math Lesson Lesson 12.5- Make new shapes from composite 2D shapes using the strategy “act it out”.
  • Study spelling words for Friday’s test.
  • Raz Kids due Friday.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the Read A Thon today!! We are so very grateful to your for your most generous donations. We’ll be in touch with a final total of collections soon. When I drop off the money on Memorial Day, I’ll be sure to take photos! Stay tuned!

Also, thanks to the parents who made our art in the box such an exciting time! All year, we’ve enjoyed learning about famous artists who later will inspire us and wow us! We appreciate all the volunteers who brought these artists to the forefront for our first graders!

Thanks Mrs. Laska for pinch hitting in our room and helping us out! You are always there for us!

Thanks so much for all you do for our school family,

With Gratitude,

Mrs. Shute and Class

Homework for Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Homework for Tuesday, May 14, 2019

  • Math Lesson 12.4- Compose a new shape by combining 2D shapes.
  • Study spelling words for Friday’s test on compound words.
  • Raz Kids due Friday.
  • Scholastic Book Order due next Monday (thanks so much)

Read A Thon takes place tomorrow:

  • Please submit the Read A Thon pledge sheet with funds (cash or check made out to Little Buddies)
  • Students can bring books and stuffed animal to celebrate our service project.
  • Thanks so much for supporting our first grade service project this year. I will take pictures when we drop off the funds on Memorial Day weekend.

A change in plans for this week- due to morning prayer this week, learning our Spanish song and time devoted to practicing for the talent show on Friday- our grocery store has been postponed until next week. Thanks for understanding!

Tomorrow is also our final art in the box! Thanks to all those who have helped us all year get to know famous artists! This has been a terrific part of first grade and we are so grateful for learning about various artists and their styles.

With Gratitude,

Mrs. Shute

Homework for Monday, May 13, 2019

Homework for Monday, May 13, 2019

    • Math Lesson 12.3- use objects to compare new 2D shapes
    • Spelling words practice sheet- all words are compound words.
    • Raz Kids due Friday- I didn’t put the date on the top- sorry!
  • Just a friendly reminder- our service project funds are due for Little Buddies Rescue- is due on Wednesday. Our party will be that day, too.
  • Thanks for participating in our $1.00 dress down today!
  • Tomorrow- 9:30 Mass will be the May Crowning-
  • Thanks so much Raegan and Maddie for doing such a great job today with our morning prayer. Tomorrow will be Luke and Katie-
  • Friday is the Variety Show! Both classes will be singing Let it Be with Mr. Showstead’s assistance. Hope you can join us at 12:30 in the gym. We’ll be in touch with what to wear soon.

Also, in your child’s folder is the information for our last field trip to Green Meadows Petting Zoo on June 4. Please read through the information and send in permission slip plus $18.00 cash or check payable to St. Joseph School. Please contact me if you have any questions.

With Gratitude,

Mrs. Shute and Mrs. Schiff

Week at a Glance - May 13-17, 2019

Week at a Glance: May 13-17, 2019

Highlights of the week:

  • Dress down tomorrow for $1.00- we couldn’t participate on Friday so Mrs. Hein kindly extended it for us to Monday.
  • Wednesday is our due date for the Little Buddies first grade service project Read A Thon. Please submit any funds raised on Wednesday. Checks made out to Little Buddies Rescue or cash is accepted as well.
  • Students can bring stuffed animals and books they read for the Read A Thon on Wednesday to celebrate our service project.
  • Friday is the Variety Show- both first grade classes are in the Variety Show at 12:30 in the gym. We hope you can join us! We’ll be in touch regarding what to wear.
  • This is our week to pray for the school in morning prayer. We’ll send home the prayers to students who will be reading the night before. All students will accompany the prayer readers to sing a joyous song. Thursday, the Spanish teacher will join us to sing a Spanish song about Mother Mary.
  • Our class has a special social studies project this week to learn our recent vocabulary words.
  • May Crowning at Church on Tuesday at 9:30
  • Last class visit with Ms. Hanrahan for tips on friendships.

Math: Continuing with our chapter on 2D Shapes-

  • Lesson 12.3- use objects to compare new 2D shapes
  • Lesson 12.4- Compose a new shape by combining 2D shapes
  • Lesson 12.5- Make new shapes from composite 2D shapes using the strategy act it out.
  • Lesson 12.6- Decompose combined shapes into shapes
  • Simple Solutions- Monday-Thursday
  • Calendar counting by 2’s (odd/even), 5’s and 10’s
  • Mental math counting throughout the day
  • Team in Task math enrichment games
  • IPad games- IXL and IReady Lessons


  • Simple Solutions Science- Thursday/ Friday- review of cloud formations, science terms, seasons, senses, land formations, etc.
  • Scholastic News- Ladybugs- Students will indenting the features of ladybugs, as well as all insects, and describe the steps in the ladybug life cycle.
  • Our green bean plants, courtesy of LHS, are sprouting and growing! I’ll ask some of the green thumb students to take some photos to share with you. Ava W, Autumn, and Lola have taken quite an interest in daily watering of the plants. We’ll send them home soon when there a bit taller.

Language Arts: Spelling, Phonics, Conventions, SeeSaw, Shared Writing

Spelling Words: backpack, herself, lunchbox, brainstorm, outside, flashlight, suitcase, baseball, bluebird, inside

Amazing Words: jealous, sibling, porridge, seriousness, relatives, secret, collector, flourish

High Frequency Words: picture, remember, room, stood, thought

Selection Vocabulary: biscuits, cookies, cradle, crocodile, curtain, idea

Academic Vocabulary: compound, adjective, article, theme, alphabetical order, definition, dictionary, glossary, characters, setting, plot, email, draw a conclusion, author

Vocabulary: Dictionary/ Glossary


  • Adjectives for how many and articles: One, two, and three are adjectives. Sometimes we can use an article that tells how many. The articles /a/ and /an/ mean the same as one. The article /the/ can mean the same as /one/ or /some/.
  • Also, Simple Solutions Grammar- Monday- Thursday
  • Team in Task Games for enrichment or Reading A-Z stories


  • Compound words
  • Segment and blend words
  • Decodable readers for fluency with sounds of the week
  • Vowel digraphs: /ue/, /ew/, /ui/
  • Build words
  • Blend and read
  • Long /i/ spelling /i.e./, /igh/
  • Consonant patterns: /kn/, /wr/
  • Segment and blend syllables
  • Fluent word reading
  • Change phonemes (orally and visibly)


Monday: Drawing- favorite memories of the Author’s Tea

Tuesday- What is the best part of having a sibling? Or What would be different if you had a sibling?

Wednesday: Type and draw compound words

Thursday - Construct a Pic Collage thank you note to someone who shared with you-

Friday- What is your favorite furniture piece in your room? Would you share it?

Shared Writing:

  • Monday-Tuesday- Draft/Revise a personal narrative about the Author’s Tea
  • Wednesday-Thursday/Revise a personal narrative about first grade memory
  • Friday- Super Kid


Question of the week: What treasures can we share at home?

Genre:  Peter’s Chair- Realistic Fiction; Paired Selection: Peter’s Baby Sister- 21st  Century Skills

Knowledge Goals: Children will understand that we can share:

  • Furniture and things we have outgrown
  • Family photographs and memories
  • Toys or other personal belongings
  • Something that has been in the family a long time

Text based comprehension- THEME;story structure

Fluency- appropriate phrasing

Literary text- elements or plot

Social Studies: This week, we will open our own grocery store! Students will grasp certain vocabulary: wants, needs, services, goods, producers and consumers with this store idea. We’ll work all week on constructing our store with: signs for sections, labels for what job they are (vocabulary words listed above), make price tags,setting up store for later in the week. We’ll post pictures as the week progresses and when the store opens for business!

Religion: Continuing with our Session on Mother Mary

  • God Chooses Mary- Mary, the mother of Jesus, loves and prayers for us.
    • Tell the story of Mary saying yes to God.
    • Explain that God gave Mary grace to become the Mother of God.
    • Define Grace.
    • Prayer and learn about the Hail Mary
    • Assessment on current Session
    • Daily songs and prayers to honor Mother Mary in May
    • Daily devotions, intentions and prayers to keep the light of Jesus shining.
    • Prayer week- our class will pray and sing over the PA to the school to spread love and joy as we reflect on Mary’s love for us.

Homework for Thursday, May 9, 2019

Homework for Thursday, May 9, 2019

  • Math Lesson 12.2- describe attributes to sort 2D shapes.
  • Spelling words sentences worksheet- fill in the blank w/ the correct spelling word to prepare for tomorrow’s test.
  • Raz Kids due tomorrow.
  • Book covers due tomorrow for April/ May book club.

Coming up: May 15 is the due date for the Read A Thon service club pledges/ funds raised for Little Buddies Rescue. Thanks so much for your participation and helping orphaned animals.

The Author’s Tea will be in our room at 12:00. After students read their books, there will be a snack for the first graders to celebrate their accomplishments.

Just a friendly reminder:

Please remember to dress student up in their school uniform and gym shoes. We want our students to look their best! First grade will have a $1.00 dress day on Monday. Thanks!

We learned so much from Mrs. Ragsdale! I hope your child shared some of her wisdom with you!

With Gratitude,

Mrs. Shute and Mrs. Schiff

Homework for May 8, 2019

Homework for May 8, 2019

  • Math Homework Lesson 12.1- use defining attributes to sort 2D shapes.
  • Raz Kids due Friday.
  • Book Covers due Friday for book club.
  • Study for spelling test on Friday.

Linda Ragsdale, famous author, spoke to grades K-3 today in the Koenig Center about being an author. How lucky are we do get to meet a real life author when the first graders are becoming new authors! She was magnificent spreading her made up/ fun words to celebrate PEACE.

Coming Up: Please send your child to school on Friday with their regular school uniform and gym shoes so everyone will look their best for the Author’s Tea.

With Gratitude,
Mrs. Shute and Mrs. Schiff

Homework for Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Homework for Tuesday, May 7, 2019     

  • Math h/w sheet on clocks and time
  • Keep earning funds for Little Buddies Rescue our service project.

Thanks so much everyone for your support w/ our project!

  • Raz Kids due Friday.
  • Covers due Friday for April/ May book club

*Today everyone practice reading their Author’s Tea book to a partner to check for accuracy and mistakes. Can’t wait to share their books with all of you on Friday.

Looking forward:


  • Brings a new math chapter- 2D shapes- Students will receive 2D shapes to manipulate and build new shapes with.
  • Lots of practice with our May Mother Mary songs as we prepare for next week. It’s our turn to present our prayers for the week. I’ll be sending home prayers for students to practice soon for next week.
  • Also a new session in Religion dedicated to Mother Mary.

Have a lovely day!

With Gratitude,

Mrs. Shute and Mrs. Schiff

Homework for Monday, May 6, 2019

Homework for Monday, May 6, 2019

  • Math Homework- Practice page for tomorrow’s test on 3D shapes
  • Spelling words practice worksheet
  • Raz kids due on Friday
  • Book Cover due on on Friday to complete the April/ May book club!

We had a discussion this morning in prayer of a moment of gratitude over the weekend and I’m impressed at how everyone had something positive to share!

Also, tomorrow we begin practicing for Friday’s Author’s Tea! Mrs. Laska has the book all ready for us to read. Thanks to Mrs. Laska and Mrs. Schiff for all their hard work and devotion to our first grade classes.

Thanks so much for all the support you give to our class! We are sincerely grateful.

With Gratitude,

Mrs. Shute and Mrs. Schiff

P.S. Please vote on SeeSaw for Raegan’s mustache you a question… it’s a good one!

Thanks Ava W. for producing all the Super Kids videos for me!

Week at a Glance: May 6-10, 2019

Week at a Glance: May 6-10, 2019

Highlights of the week:

  • AUTHOR’S TEA is happening on May 10 at Noon. Thanks for the RSVP’s, we appreciate your promptness greatly! We will practice reading our stories this week to prepare for the big day on Friday.
  • Read a Thon is going on to collect funds for our yearly service project to help the Little Buddies Animal Shelter. Little Buddies Rescue This is the place to go to find more information about the shelter we are helping this year. Thanks so much for encouraging your child to read and be generous to animals less fortunate. The collection ends on Wednesday, May 15. We’ll plan a celebration party later that week.
  • Book Covers are due on May 10 (Author’s Tea) for the last item for the April/ PMay book club.
  • Random Acts of Knightness drawing (the last one) will take place this week, too.
  • Math- Testing on Tuesday for 3D shapes and begin 2D shapes after that.
  • Shared Writing- a return visit to argumentative writing with The Little Red Hen
  • Make Congratulations cards for 2nd graders on their recent Communion.

Other News-

  • Author Visit- K-3 in KC 12:30pm- Mrs. Hoglund has sent information regarding this visit.

Math: Beginning Chapter 12- 2D Geometry

  • Monday- Chapter 11 Review (3D Shapes)
  • Tuesday- Chapter 11 Assessment
  • Show what you know about 2D Geometry
  • Lesson 12.1- use defining attributes to sort shapes
  • Lesson 12.2- describe attributes to sort shapes
  • iPad games: IXL/ IReady Lessons
  • Daily mental math: Calendar counting
  • Scoot math enrichment
  • Simple Solutions Math- Monday-Thursday
  • Team and Task math games


  • Simple Solutions Science- Review of science skills learned thus far-
  • Cloud formations review
  • Quiz on: clouds, seasons, habitats, animal classifications, science terms, weather, animal needs and senses.
  • Scholastic News: Where are the Ladybug Spots?- Students will identify the features of ladybugs, as well as all insects, and describe the life cycle of a ladybug.

Language Arts- Spelling, Conventions, Phonics, Shared Writing, & SeeSaw

Spelling: lie, might, bright, tight, tie, right, light, high, night, pie

Amazing Words: impression, favorite, errand, familiar, memory, stampede

High Frequency Words: above, moon, eight, touch, laugh

Selection Vocabulary: cattle, cow, front, point, roundup, sold

Academic Vocabulary: detail, facts, homophobe, glossary, media, procedural text


  • Adjectives for what kind- diving into using more detailed descriptions
  • Review adjectives for : size and color
  • Simple Solutions Grammar- Monday- Thursday


  • Consonant patterns: /kn/, /wr/
  • Segment and blend phonemes
  • Change beginning and ending phonemes
  • Vowel digraphs- /igh/ and /vowels i.e as in believe/
  • Review of long o sounds- /oa/ and /ow/
  • Review three letter consonant blends
  • Vowel digraph review- /ai/, /ea/, /oa/

Shared Writing:

Monday and Tuesday- Argumentative Writing about the Little Red Hen- Should the Little Red Hen share the bread? Write if her decision was right or wrong.

Wednesday and Thursday- Thank you letters to Mrs. Laska and Mrs. Schiff for their help in putting the Author’s Tea book together.

Friday- Super Kid- due to the Author’s Tea- only one this week.


Monday- TBA

Tuesday- Students will blog about what they would like to see on a ranch-

Wednesday- What questions would you ask a rancher?

Thursday- If you lived on a ranch what would be your responsibility?

Friday- Pic Collage your favorite parts of a Ranch-

Reading: This week’s theme: A Southern Ranch

Question of the week: Why do we treasure special places?

Literary Text: Expository text- A Southern Ranch; paired selection- procedural text- On the Way to a Ranch-

Knowledge Goals: Children will understand that:

  1. We can share special places with others.
  2. A special place can be work or fun.
  3. We can have fun, be with animals, and be with our friends.

Text based comprehension:

  • Facts, details and questioning
  • Fluency- Accuracy, rate and expression
  • Decodable readers highlight our high frequency words and sounds of the week
  • Leveled readers

Social Studies:

First Grade had a discussion regarding: goods, services, consumers and producers. After the Author’s Tea, we’ll open a pretend store (more to come on this) so students can really understand the meaning of our social studies vocabulary words.  This week, we’ll chat about buying and selling in Chapter 2 Lesson 4:

  • Explain how people can trade to obtain goods and services.
  • Explain how people exchange goods and services to get something they want and need.
  • Distinguish between producers and consumers.
  • Explain that people can be both producers and consumers of goods and services.
  • Identify markets as places where people sell goods.
  • Describe how markets operate.

All these skills/objectives will help students be able to open our pretend market to get a sense of what it means to buy and sell and establish who is a producer/ consumer.

Religion: Completing Session 13- Jesus Teaches Us to Share-

  • Review of current session and assess on Monday.
  • All School Mass on Tuesday (buddies)
  • Practice our Spanish song for next week’s Prayer
  • Practice our Talent Show song- Let it Be
  • Session 14-God Chooses Mary- Mary, the mother of Jesus, loves and prays for us.
    • Tell the story of Mary saying “yes” to God.
    • Explain that God gave Mary grace to become the Mother of God.
    • Define GRACE.
    • Songs to honor Mother Mary
    • Daily prayers, intentions and devotions