Homework 9/20

Sidenote: I am going to Camp Edwards with the 8th graders and there will be a substitute in my class for the rest of the week. Mrs. Schiff will still be in the classroom for Math. I will try to respond to emails but might not get back to you until Friday or Monday.
  • pg 123-124
  • optional IXL 2LR
  • Spiral Review due Friday
  • iReady 30 min and 1 lesson due Friday
  • None
Social Studies
  • None
*Projected Homework for the rest of the week:
  • pg 129-130
  • optional IXL TKD, 9JW
  • pg 135-136
  • optional IXL 7H4, 94W
  • pg 141-142
  • optional IXL LLJ, JHB