Week at a Glance December 12 – December 16, 2016

Religion Objectives: 

God Made the Earth - God Made Color.  The children will realize that God designed the world full of color, appreciate the many colors in the world and understand that various colors can mean different things.

Seeds – We are waiting for Jesus to come. The children will understand that the waiting is almost over.  The children will understand that waiting for Christmas is challenging.  They will hear the story of the people who are waiting for Jesus to come.

We will also begin our exploration of different Nativity story perspectives.  We will see the story through the eyes of camel, a cat, birds, an ox and the innkeeper’s daughter.

Science Objectives:  

Investigate and describe sources of heat. Dissolving candy canes in different solutions. Exploring snow in the sensory table too!

Literacy Objectives: 

OWL – Unit 3 – Week 4 – What kinds of communities do people live in?  Learn new concept words: city, country, farm, neighbor, people and town.  Learn amazing words: bloom, garden, stem, breeze, sprinkle and vine.  Rhyming words, naming letters, identifying letter sounds, matching upper and lower case letters.  Segmenting onsets and rimes.

Social Studies: 

Use language to describe environment and identify common features of the environment.  We will talk about how to take care of the environment. Wants vs. needs.

Math Objectives: 

Combining shapes to make new shapes. Non-standard measurement-measuring using Christmas bells. Comparing two numbers and finding the greater. 

Afternoon Enrichment: 

Sequencing Concept - Sequencing is understanding how a series of objects, events, and time occur in a specific and logical order. Counting syllables.  Rhyming and not rhyming.