Peek At Our Week November 7 - November 11, 2022

             Peek At Our Week November 7 - November 11, 2022

Religion:  God Made Holy Things - God Made Food.  The children will express gratitude for the food God the Father gives us.  The children will express an understanding that the Mass is a festive meal.  The children will state a desire to feed those who are hungry.

Language/Literacy:  Unit 2 Week 4:  "What do families do together for fun?"  Concept words: guest, music, party, picnic, and playground.  Amazing words:  celebrate, decorate, enjoy, instrument, musician, and slice.  Break it - syllables, naming letters, syllable take-away, what is my letter, letters in your name, syllable clap, name that letter, blend onset and rime, and delete words from compound words.  Reading and writing -  starting at the top and going left to right, sweeping left to right and continuing on next line concepts.  Focus letter of the week: Hh.  

Math:  Numbers and Operations:  use concrete models and make word problems for subtracting 1 to 5 items. Data Analysis:  sort objects and describe similarities and differences between groups.  Graphing:  use a graph organizer and analyze data.Focus Shape:  Rectangle

Science:  “Dancing Corn” Experiment.  The children will investigate different types of corn and learn how corn grows.  One of the foods served at the first Thanksgiving was corn.  The Native Americans (Wampanoags) celebrated with their autumn harvest including corn.  The children will predict if we can make corn kernels dance in a jar.

SocialStudies:  Elections:  The children will hold a mock election to vote for their favorite Halloween candy.  They will be introduced to the concept of elections and the voting process.  The children will tally results and compare data using a bar graph.  Vocabulary:  ballot, voting booth, elections, ballot box, most/fewest.

Afternoon Enrichment

Monday: Our World and Beyond:  The children will review the other states we have learned about.  We will identify where Maine is on the United States map.  The children will learn about lighthouses.

Tuesday:  We will continue our study of the letter Hh.  The children will identify the uppercase and lowercase letter Hh as well as write the letter.,  How many of our friends have the letter Hh in their name?

Wednesday: Our number exploration will continue with the number 8.  We will practice writing it as well as collecting and sorting 8 objects.  The children will represent the number 8 as a symbol, tally marks and the written word.

Thursday:  Bushel of Books:  We will read Caps for Sale  by Esphyr Slobodkina.  The children will listen to the book and following this will do a sequencing and number activity which corresponds with the book.  The children will also act out and retell this story.

Friday  STEM.  The children will listen to the story Turkey Trouble by Lee Harper.  We will discuss what a good disguise would be.  The children will then develop their own disguise for a turkey. We will take a vote on the best disguise.