Peek At Our Week May 23 - May 27, 2022

                      **LAST DAY OF PRESCHOOL FRIDAY, MAY 27TH**

Religion:  Special Lesson:  Pentecost:  The children will name ways that people are helpers.  The children will express an understanding that God’s Son, Jesus, sent us the Holy Spirit to be our helper.  The children will discuss how to bring peace to others.

Literacy: OWL:  Unit 6 : Week 5:  On Our Way to K!  Concept Words:  day, hot summer, frog.  Amazing Words:  patter, splash, spot.  Academic Vocabulary:  activity, begin, count, letter, sound.  Phonological Awareness:  produce words that begin with the same sound.  Recognize letter sounds.  Alphabet Knowledge: Recognize and name lowercase letters in your own name.  Blend phonemes.  Demonstrate understanding of the meaning of words. 

Math:  Recognize and create patterns.  Coordinate a sequence of movements.  Participate in classroom music activities.  2D shape sorting.  Concepts of biggest and smallest.  Counting with one item per count.

Science:  An early summer fireworks experiment.  The boys and girls will help make “Fireworks in a Jar”.  Using warm water, vegetable oil, and food coloring they will watch as the color sinks, expand and mix.  This is due to the fact that  food coloring dissolves in water but not in oil.  Because oil is less dense than the water, the oil will float to the top of the jar.  The food coloring droplets will begin to sink because they are heavier than the oil.  Once they sink into the water, they will begin dissolving into the water which looks like a tiny explosion.We will also discuss safety rules:  How can we be safe at home, in the classroom and outside?? Demonstrate ways to stay safe.  

Social Studies;  Scholastic: Clifford My BIG World:  Safe Around Town:  Health Focus:  summer safety.  Social and Emotional Learning:  responsible decision making.  Music:  Sing along.  Literacy:  letter recognition.

Afternoon Enrichment:

Monday:  Our World and Beyond:  The children will learn about the Sun.  The sun is a star that the other planets revolve around. The Sun is at the center of the solar System.  How hot is the sun?  What does the sun do?  (controls our seasons, helps food grow, keeps the other planets in line)

Tuesday:  ABC Review.  Letter Hunt and put letters in order.  Identify sounds/words for each letter.

Wednesday:   Patterning, 2D and 3D shape review.  Counting to 20.  

Thursday:  Bushel of Books:We will read: Swimmy by:  Leo Lionni.  Concepts of Print, sequencing.  The boys and girls will use markers and water to make a cute fish craft.

Friday:  Last Day of school fun.  The boys and girls will celebrate the last day of Preschool! **Parents are invited to come back at 12:30 in the Koenig Center to hear the children sing.