Peek At Our Week May 9 - May 13, 2022

Religion:  God  Made Surprises:  God Made Laughter:  The children will express an understanding that God wants them to be happy.  The children will show or state a desire to give joy to others.  The children will thank God for the gift of laughter.

Literacy  OWL Unit 6 Week 3:  what changes in each season?  Concept words:  cold, fall, spring, summer, warm, winter.  Amazing words:  bud, chilly, nest, boil, perfect, tip.  Writing our name first and last and following daily routines.  Observe and discuss seasons.  Understand the meaning of words.  Initial and final sounds, letter sounds.  Onset and rime, initial and ending consonant sounds and vowel review. Produce words that begin with the same sound.  Letter of the week Yy.  Home/School Connection:  Bring a Yy item from home.

Math:  Count 10 items in any order.  Count 10 children in any order.  Combining sets to make10.  Making sets of 10.  Make and break 10.  Ten frames.  Focus Color:  Pink

Science:  A nature walk.  How many Signs of Spring can we find?  Listing the characteristics of Spring.  Using our sense of touch, sight, hearing , smell to determine the Signs of Spring.  

Social Studies:  Scholastic: Clifford:  My BIG World.  “Hope Climb Fly”  Science focus:  insects.  Theme Vocabulary:  scurry.  Movement:  Gross motor.  Math:  Counting.

Afternoon Enrichment

Monday:  Our World and Beyond:  The planet Earth.  The children will learn about the planet we live on.  The children will learn that Planet Earth is in the solar system and revolves around the sun.  The children will learn that Earth is made up of Land, Air and Water.


Tuesday:  We will continue to learn about letter Yy.How many words can we think of that have the letter X in them.  The sound the letter X makes.  Review all letters and letter sounds.


Wednesday:  We will continue to review 1-20.  We will count forwards and backwards.  The children will identify number before and after a given numbers.  1:1 correspondence counting.   Patterning AB, AAB ABC


Thursday:  Bushel of Books:  We will read The Grouchy Ladybug By:  Eric Carle.  The children will describe what makes them grouchy.  If we are grouchy how does that make other people feel? Concepts of Print, Sequencing, retelling of a story.

Friday:  STEAM;  weather permitting we will go outside on a nature scavenger hunt.  The children will collect various items and we will use these to make nature artwork.