Halloween Dress Code: Please Read

Students are permitted to wear Halloween costumes to school on Tuesday, October 31. Parents, please be sure that the costumes meet the following guidelines:

  • Costumes must be appropriate in nature- nothing that represents any level of disrespect to a person or group; nothing that displays wording that is inappropriate.
  • Costumes should not impede the ability to participate in class in any way; students must be able to sit in chairs comfortably, write, move through aisles, etc.
  • Your child's face must be visible/no masks, and face paint is not allowed. 
  • Temporary hair coloring is allowed. Wigs are permitted
  • Some kind of shoe must be worn; no stocking feet, flip flops or bare feet.
  • Shorts may be worn; however, please dress accordingly for outdoor recess.

Students who choose not to wear a costume may wear a Halloween themed shirt and pants.