Peek At Our Week October 23 – October 27, 2017

Religion Objectives:  

“God Made Water”.  The children appreciate the gift of water, associate water with life and know that water is used in church. 

Seeds Lesson - Jesus says “Jesus teaches us to praise God!”  The children will recognize that care for Creation is a way to praise God and will learn that we belong to God. 

The Pumpkin Prayer – We will carve a pumpkin while reading the gospel passage Matthew 5:16 as a reminder to live our lives for God and his glory.

Halloween visit with our Prayer Buddies and learning about what we do at mass together.

 Literacy Objectives: 

OWL - Unit 2 – Week 4 - “What do families do together for fun?” Concept words guest, music, party, picnic, and playground. Amazing words celebrate, decorate, enjoy, instrument, musician, and slice.  Break it – syllables, naming letters Ee, Bb and Tt, syllable take-away, what is my letter, letters in your name, syllable clap, name that letter, blend onset and rhyme, and delete words from compound words.  We will be reading poetry, fairy tales and fiction stories.  Reading and writing - starting at the top and going left to right, sweeping left to right and continuing on next line concepts. Focus on the letter of the week: Ff. 

Science Objectives:    

Spooky ghosts filled with carbon dioxide! 

Erupting pumpkins! An exothermic reaction removing the weak extra oxygen molecule from hydrogen peroxide using yeast as a catalyst.

Identify good habits of nutrition and exercise.

My Big World with Clifford: Pumpkins!  How did they get so big!  The life cycle of a pumpkin. 

Social Studies: 

We will discuss organizing our lives around time. We will identify similarities and differences between ourselves and people from other cultures. Who is in your family? 

Math Objectives: 

We will use concrete models for subtracting 1 to 4 objects from a set.  We will make a verbal word problem and explain subtracting 1 to 4 objects from a set. 

Afternoon Enrichment:

Monday: Germany!  The children will learn to count 1 – 10 in German.  We will learn a couple conversational German terms.  The children will also enjoy a German treat.

Tuesday: Little Match-Up Alphabet fun and writing with Paint Sparkle on the iPads.   

Wednesday: Afternoon Gym and Media CAPE with Mrs. Beyer’s class. 

Thursday: Halloween Count and Write the Room.  Spooky Halloween scratch art.

Friday:  STEAM engineering challenge – Design and Build a Monster!

Mindfulness and Movement provides children with the opportunity to work on balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and spatial awareness through imaginative play, games, and exercises. Children will learn mindfulness skills for emotional regulation and cognitive focus all while developing their fine and gross motor skills. Creative movement activities will include aerobics, balance, dance, stretching, and strengthening. Children will also learn all about healthy nutrition and exercise while we play!