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SJCS Fitness Club

Fitness Club with Mr. and Mrs. Shute (Second-Eighth Grade Students)

Have you wanted to have gym class five times a week? (Doing this club will do that:)! Do you want to get in great shape, be fit, and have a lot of fun doing so? Announcing the SJCS Fitness Club (FC), Fall 2021! This club is open to SJCS students in grades 2-8! The FC will meet for 13 weeks from September 13th –December 9th. Up to 35 days will be spent getting in shape through various activities and games! We will be getting in shape and having fun playing capture the flag, soccer, flag football, floor hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis, gaga ball, and more! You have three options for sign up: Three (3) days, two (2) days, or one (1). The three

day option will run on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays and the two day or one day

option will run on the day(s) of your choice. Time: 2:10 pm-3:00 pm, and the fee is 3 days/week: $275; 2 days/week: $200; 1 day/week: $100. Please complete THIS FORM if you are interested, and Mr. Shute will reach out to you in the coming days!