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  • 00:28 O-R-A-N-G-E - Orange is what that spells!

    Happy Orange Day!

    Uploaded Oct 17, 2018by Sara Nash
  • 00:07 HALLOWEEN Optical Illusion!

    We created an optical illusion, a visual image that can be perceived differently depending on how you look at it. Scientists are still studying and testing why we see things the way we do. There have been a few theories about how they work. One theory states an optical illusion occurs because our brain is trying to understand and make sense of what we see. Sometimes the brain will use past images and experiences to try and understand what the eyes are seeing. In this experiment, the paper is moving so quickly that the brain is receiving information about the second picture as it is still processing the first picture. So cool!

    Uploaded Oct 12, 2018by Sara Nash
  • 00:06 Stop, drop and roll!

    Luke beautifully demonstrated the safety skill of Stop! Drop! and Roll!

    Uploaded Oct 11, 2018by Sara Nash
  • 00:07 The Preschool Flip

    Daniela demonstrates the preschool flip. Now all our friends can put in the own jackets!!

    Uploaded Oct 11, 2018by Sara Nash
  • 00:07 Stop, Drop, and Roll

    Fire Safety Week continues as we practice our Stop, Drop, and Roll!

    Uploaded Oct 11, 2018by Kris Beyer
  • 1:28 P.E. class on 10-11-18

    Mrs. Shute and I surprised the kids and joined them in P.E. class this morning. Too much fun for us all!

    Uploaded Oct 11, 2018by Sharon Shute

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