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Our Graduates

I have fond memories of my education at St. Joe’s. It’s a tremendous school and the smaller classes allowed me to learn and grow at my own pace. Many of my best memories of my youth revolve around my years at St. Joe’s.
-Mayor Terry Weppler - Class of 1965

Looking back on my elementary years at St. Joe’s, I am certain that I would not have accomplished what I have since achieved, had I not been instilled with the values of nourishing both the mind and spirit, as St. Joseph School so ardently preached. St. Joe’s initially prepared me for Libertyville High School, where my determination to exceed drove me to join many organizations and enroll in challenging/advanced course loads.

Over these four years I pushed myself academically, so much so that I have now begun my undergraduate years at The University of Wisconsin-Madison with 32 credit hours under my belt. I could potentially graduate early saving my parents up to a year's worth of tuition! The investment made early on does pay off in the end! I look forward to what the future holds for me and am grateful for the knowledge and perspectives that I have accumulated in the course of my nine years as a student at St. Joe’s. This acclaimed Blue Ribbon School has shaped my current character not only scholastically, but also in regards to the thinking that, with God's help, anyone can surpass preconceived notions as to what they can accomplish.
- Meghan Horvath - Class of 2009

St. Joe's not only thoroughly prepared me for high school at Carmel Catholic, but also gave me a community that I could grow up in surrounded in enthusiasm for education and care for the student. It offered me plenty of opportunity to explore different subject areas, gain leadership experience, and participate in many extra-curricular activities. It is because of the influence of the teachers at St. Joes that I am on the track of becoming an elementary school teacher myself. I hope to one day teach at a school that offers the same great community and drive for education as St. Joe's does.
- Mary Kate Lentino - Class of 2007

St. Joe’s has always been a part of my life. From the time my family and I moved here until the present, the St. Joe’s community has been a constant. St. Joe’s prepared my brother, my sisters, and I to take on the challenges of high school and college by building a strong foundation both spiritually and academically. I feel honored to be back at my alma mater teaching future generations and giving back to a community that gave so much to my family and me.
~ Kristin Murnik - Class of 2001

Coming back to work at St. Joseph School has, for me, been the true definition of things coming in "full circle." I attended K-8 at this school and not only received an outstanding education, but a truly sound sense of self and strong moral values. Our community is a family that loves one another and supports one another in times of need, more than just providing an enriching education for our students. This is the reason I returned to St. Joe's and have so valued my two years in teaching here. Family and staff are supportive of one another and create the true feeling of a "home away from home." I am proud to call St. Joseph School my Alma Mater and current place of employment.
~ Katie Finley - Class of 2003

My name is Joey Rossa, I am currently a 16 year old Junior student at Libertyville High School. At the age of nine, while attending St. Joe's, I started my own landscaping company, JMR Landscaping, which became an official Limited Liability Company two years ago. Shortly before that, I was diagnosed with a form of dyslexia. Mrs. Perron was the first to discover it. The support, patience and extra time I received from so many teachers, most of whom are still at St. Joe's today, helped me better understand my learning challenges.

The teachers and staff at St. Joe's made a significant impact on my development as a student and an entrepreneur. The encouragement they provided to me along the way gave me confidence in my abilities. That confidence is what has allowed me to continue to pursue my dreams and passion of building, running and owning my own business. Today, JMR Landscaping employs 12 and earned over $200K in revenue in 2013. I would not be the person I am today without the dedication and continued support of my teachers at St. Joe's.
~ Joey Rossa, Class of 2011
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