St. Joseph Catholic School

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St. Joseph Music Department

Music at St. Joseph's Catholic School - by grade levels
Prek-Kindergarten: The students are learning how music is formed and how it is connected to movement. The students perform on a variety of percussion instruments to music, and learn about different types of instruments. Kindergarten begins to learn about rhythm and what they look and sound like.
1st and 2nd Grades: The students are learning how to read music. Learning how to read song sheets allows students to be able to become more involved during mass. We also learn circle games that help build the students knowledge of music utilizing fun songs and games that later on can be used in understanding how music has different parts and cadences.
3rd Grade and 4th grade: Beginning of the year is a review in reading music and rhythm together, once the students become comfortable reading and singing together they begin learning how to play recorder. They start with simple monophonic music and work their way up to polyphonic music.
5th grade: Students step away from recorders and move onto reading percussion music (using one piece of music to play many different instruments)and work towards reinforcing rhythm and learn about drum set. This is to solidify the students ability to read music and prepare them for writing their own music in the future.
6th, 7th, and 8th Grades: This year we are working on a advanced level of reading music. Once the students demonstrate their capability to read a score, they then work on creating mini-scores of their own. The middle school curriculum uses Chromebooks to work on note taking and reinforce understanding.
For each Trimester there is a project that the students complete. 
-Student recording and mastering
-Christmas show analysis
-Student showcase (learning to play for each other)


Steven P. Showstead is from Orlando, Florida where he had multiple influences to teach music. His college professor from Valencia College, Mr. Mike Davis, is a VanderCook College of Music Alumn and promoted Steven to attend VanderCook College. While at VanderCook, he performed and conducted multiple ensembles and performed on a variety of instruments, and is also a part of a professional music fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha. Mr. Showstead is a clarinet major, with a secondary on trumpet, and a ternary on French horn. He has been a full-time chef and has worked in kitchens for over 10 years. Mr. Showstead wishes to influence his students and promote good music in America.