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Sixth Grade Ethics Class

Classes will be described with the most recent at the top.
  • Session 25 - 4/5/19 - Perspectives 
  • Session 24 - 3/22/19 - Review and discussion of Camp Edwards experience - many of the activities further develop the concepts addressed in Ethics and guidance classes: teamwork, making suitable judgments regarding others, problem-solving, empathy, making good decisions
  • Session 23 - 3/15/19 - No Ethics class due to Camp Edwards
  • Session 22 - 3/8/19 - Regular Guidance Class - We continued learning about the mistake of making judgments about others that are based on superficial qualities rather than a person's values and behaviors.
  • Session 21 -3/1/19 - Values and Emotions -  Our class continued to learn about emotions and explored how remembering values can help make good decisions even when experiencing strong emotions like being angry or upset.
  • Session 20 - 2/22/19 - Regular guidance class - We played "There's Just Something Wrong With You!"  -  a game designed to help us understand what it feels like to be excluded for unknown reasons.
  • Session 19 - 2/15/19 - What Are Emotions?  Our class learned how emotions affect decision making and that even when emotions are strong, students can make good decisions.
  • Session 18 - 2/8/19 - Faculty in-service day
  • Session 17 - 2/1/19 - iReady tests were administered
  • Session 16 -1/25/19 - Regular Guidance Class -  Our class discussed the poor practice of making judgments about others based on superficial qualities.  We practiced doing exactly that with a video matching and teacher matching exercise.
  • Session 15 - 1/11/19 & 1/18/19 - Making Friends
  • No class Friday, December 21 due to early dismissal.
  • Session 14 - 12/14/18 - Regular Guidance Class - We revisited the concept of our "block stacks" and how we can build resilience to use when our "block stacks" are low.  We discussed how building friendships requires taking a risk that what we reveal about ourselves to our friends may not always be accepted as we would like.
  •  Session 13 - 12/7/18 - What's a Friend? -  Students explored the values they want in friends.  This will help them make new friends and be a better friend to others. 
  • Session 12 - 11/30/18 - Social Values -  We learned about how thinking about our values can make help make school a place where everyone feels safe and welcome.
  • Session 11 - 11/16/18 - Regular guidance class - We elaborated on the "block stack" concept in an effort to better understand how the status of another's "block stack" is often unknown to us and how our behavior toward others can impact their "block stack" and our own.
  • Session 10 - 11/9/18 - Values and Decisions -  This week, your child will think about his or her values and how he or she can use those values to help make good decisions.
    Our second unit of classes is Values and Friendships.  
    Students learn how to use their values to help them make good decisions and build strong friendships.
  • Session 9 - 11/2/18 - If - Then Plans - Students will learn how to use I-Then Plans for making positive choices in difficult situations.  Research shows this is a great way for students to prepare for difficult situations before they happen.
  • Session 8 - 10/26/18 - Regular guidance class -  Students were introduced to the concept of our "block stack."  To read more about the "block stack," please visit the Ms. Han Vocabulary section of my web page.  Students learn how our "block stack" ebbs and flows according to what is going on and how we do not want to do or say anything that would reduce another's "block stack."
  • Session 7 - 10/12/18 - Setting Goals -  Students will learn an effective strategy for achieving goals.  He or she will practice breaking big goals down into small, simple steps and creating plans for how to take each step. 
  • Session 6 - 10/5/18 - Can Personalities Change? -  This week's lesson is about how people's personalities change as they grow up.  Sometimes people's personalities change because of experiences they have and sometimes because they work hard to change their personality. 
  • Session 5 - 9/28/18 - Grow Your Brain 2 -  In this weeks's lesson, students learned they can help their brains grow and change by using good strategies, getting help with others, and working hard.
  • Session 4 - 9/21/18 - Regular guidance class - introduced our 6th grade theme of tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion.  Students experienced arbitrary exclusion based on eye color in order to generate conversation about a common middle school experience - feeling excluded and not understanding why.
  • Session 3 - 9/14/18 - Grow Your Brain 1  Students with a growth mindset achieve more in school.  Having a growth mindset helps students persevere when work is hard, seek out new approaches and strategies, and work harder rather than give up when school work gets difficult.
  • Session 2 - 9/7/18 - Starting Middle School   Students' sense that they belong in their school is critical to their transition to middle school.  Most students encounter a range of challenges and become anxious when starting middle school.  This lesson serves to counter those fears and normalize the experience.
  • Session 1 - 8/24/18 - Welcome!  This lesson is intended to increase motivation by making students aware of important developmental changes of early adolescence.
Our first unit of classes is Mindsets & Goals.  Students learn how to develop a growth mindset and apply it to their  social and academic lives.